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Question about possibility of having multiple .tpl files in 1 smw level.

I want to use an level FG and BG ExGFX that I downloaded in 1 level, but the problem is they both use a different template (custom template, not an normal smw one).

My question is:
Is there any way that I can let my FG and BG use different "custom" template (.tpl) files so I can fit both the ExGFX in 1 level with the correct colours? (I know how you can do it with the standard SMW pallettes, but I have no clue about how to do it with tpl files)

If not, do I have to edit the ExGFX in YY-chr and make my own tpl file to be able to do this?

Or do I have to rip the textures and the pallette from the game itself?
(In the level I want to create, both the FG and BG come from the same game and level).

Or is there another option for this?

And another question:
How do I fix this problem with the status bar? The colours are messed up by the tpl file.
Any way I can let the tpl file not change pallettes on the status bar?


The way I inserted the costum .tpl files was by going to "file>pallettes>Import level pallette from file" in LM.


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You're going to copy either the FG or BG's colors manually. You can't insert two .tpl files at once.

Firstly, insert the FG or BG palette, the one which obviously has more colors. Then, copy the other palette to some other level, and copy the colors manually. You can do this with Left Click + Ctrl and then select the appriopriate palette number.

Ok, I made 2 levels in lunar magic, 1 with the bg tpl file, the other 1 with the FG tpl.
I opened them both in lunar magic at the same time (2 lm's), and copied the FG pallette to the level with the BG pallette...

And it worked, thx alot!
This will really help me out. =)

Tough 1 thing that I probably didn't understand correctly:
Originally posted by Iceyoshi

You can do this with Left Click + Ctrl and then select the appriopriate palette number.

Like a Copy/paste option?
When I pressed left click + ctrl in the lunar magic level > change pallette and colors option on a pallette tile, nothing happened.
Right click + ctrl made my pallette tile I used it on fully black.

So, what I did instead was: I just copied the FG pallette by hand by typing over the colour numbers at the right places of the BG costum pallette in Lunar magic.

Could I fix the status bar the same way?


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wait what i didnt understand go more in detail iim haveing the same problem