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Uploading a file question

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit confused. I made a hack, with some custom blocks. No big deal. When I test the .smc file, and roll my mouse over the block in question, it gives the custom description of what it is and does. Then I immediately made an .ips patch, and uploaded it to the file bin. However, when someone else downloaded it, the custom blocks are not present, and are just listing as a gray cement that Mario can not walk through. I know I've downloaded .ips files before that did not require a .dsc file, or anything else, so what am I doing wrong? Do I actually need to include it? After doublechecking everything, in the new uploaded version, why are they not showing up as custom blocks? I would really appreciate the help, and a very straightforward answer, as to how to correct it, and fix it please.

Thanks, Mapsking
hmm.. when you were in the 16x16 tile editor did you make sure to press F9 to save the FG back to the ROM?
Your layout has been removed.
It was saved to the ROM just fine, I even reopened LM, to check, and the descriptions were listed in LM as they should be. However, when I d/l it from the file bin, the descriptions appear as normal blocks in LM. Is it just the descriptions from Blocktool that are not present, but the custom blocks still will work?

Thanks, Mapsking