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Pokey's Adventure


I figured I should make a new thread for this.

As some of you know, I have continued working on Pokey's Adventure again, and I started by moving everything over to a fresh ROM. Actually, it's more than just porting everything over - I'm aiming for more organization in this version. I'm trying to tidy up the Map16 pages, ExGFX, music, cutscenes and even the Photobucket album and hack folder on my computer. It's like a fresh start! Of course, I will keep the actual levels and stuff.

I'm also using this occasion to make some more changes - I'm trying to customize the hack even more (trying to make more custom GFX, possibly add some new samples and sound effects etc.), and to remake some of the stuff I wasn't completely satisfied with in Demo 1.

For example, I've just remade the title screen:

It doesn't contain a custom level or gameplay footage, it's just Pokey standing there and smiling. I might also add some more decorations later. Nevertheless, I like it better than the old title screen - note the new, bigger and more colorful lettering for "Pokey's Adventure", the new background (ripped directly from SMAS) and the new "© 2008-20XX WhiteYoshiEgg" font.

I'll be uploading more screens later. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any feedback on the new title screen or the hack in general. (Unless it's only "OMG THIS SUX" or "BEST HACK EVA", of course.)

I think, the new thread is a good idea, and I'm glad that you're continuing this hack, I loved the demo.
That title screen looks awesome, WYE, but yeah, you should add more decorations. Just a little suggestion: Pokey's face could be here an ExAnimated ExGFX, what's turning here and there (yes, the idea is from Buried Treasure ©Kc). Not only a rigid face. If this is too hard for you (I don't think, however, I couldn't make that, because I don't know anything about ExAnimation), you don't have make this, just a little suggestion. :)

I really like the title screen.
The font for the WYE is nice too. But it's a little hard to read.
I love the title screen. I can tell that you are putting alot of work into this version, and I can't wait.

But the capital WYE letters are pretty hard to read.
Eh, this seems like a pretty good hack. I've never bothered to play the first demo, but whatever.
Good fucking bye.
That's a great-looking title screen you have there, WYE. The Pokey text looks awesome, and I love that it matches the texture of the starring character.

Hoping to see more updates on this.
Thanks for the comments, guys!

I took your advice and added some generic desert decorations.

Looks better, doesn't it? Excuse the slightly bad palette of the stem right below the palm tops, I ran out of palette space and only had 2 colors to work with there.

It looks a lot better now! So, are you also gonna make a new OW and levels and stuff?
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Of course, I will keep the actual levels and stuff.


I might make some minor changes to the overworld though.

The title is TERRIFIC!

You know what would be cool, though? Some enemy or something on the left looking at ol' Pokey.
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
That title screen looks great. I don't see anything wrong with the stem below the palm tree really.
I think it makes it look abit better, like a shadow. :P
The new font looks really cool.
The texture-ish effect is nice. Really nice palettes all together.
Aya, maybe you could spruce up the title Screen by adding a pokey to the left and to the right of the player-Pokey (That is, If he's frozen).
You could do this by putting solid walls (Using 8x8 tiles F8), to trap them between an allotted space, right?

Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D

I like the new title screen, the actual title of it looks a lot better too. Dont add anymore plants, it will probably just make it look cluttered. And i dont think you will need to make pokey move on the title screen, for what ever reason it looks good with him just standing there.

I have never really liked hacks that change up the character model but I've always been a huge fan of your hack and cant wait for the next demo!

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
Originally posted by SpikyRat
Eh, this seems like a pretty good hack. I've never bothered to play the first demo, but whatever.

Never bothered to play it!?! For shame!

Go download it right now and play it or suffer my wrath!

New topic = Good

The new title screen looks good too, though may i sugest having your new bad guy (whoever he is) looking down on pokey from the far left.
Look what I made!

Custom question, used and switch blocks! :D Ignore the status bar though, I haven't modified it yet.

Wow, that looks very nice, WhiteYoshiEgg! I especially love the "used block", however, I don't understand, why are they angry. :P The others are great too.
Status bar needs fixed
Joking :P
Nice blocks WYE. I really like the "!" blocks. Also the angry used blocks. (There angry because, mario, keeps hitting them, and Now a Pokey is. :P)
Those are really cool blocks. I especially like the new Used Block graphics. The angry expression really fits for that block, as they no longer have any use. XD

A great bit of work, WYE! Well done!

(WYEdit: WYE, not GYE. :P Also, thanks.)