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The n'th Biannual SMWC Mosts: Discussion
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It's just a popularity contest. Whoever's popular gets all the votes, whether or not they're the best pick for that category or not. And trophies are meaningless, anyway.
Though I still think 'most likely couple' should be brought back.


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Originally posted by Mariofan0
(he doesn't do it on purpose though its just looking at his profile is a little overwhelming.)

If you find it so offensive, then why don't you stop looking at his profile!? What's wrong with earning a ton of trophies? I mean, come on. Every community needs its 'star'. SMWC has SNN, Jul has Xkeeper and... whatever. >_> Here that just happens to be SNN.

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Well, snn's been around on smw central for a while now, He's had more chances to participate in contests and mosts than some of the other users on here. He also definatly is well known. I'd expect someone like him to have alot of trophies. Wouldn't you guys? It doesn't really surprize me. But it would be nice if I got a trophy. :)
Not to mention SNN has skill. It's not like he gets trophies for the hell of it, he is a great hacker, music composer, and maybe something else, I don't know. Hell, I haven't even played Keytastrophe, so I'm just going by what I hear.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
I'm probably going to get a trophy for "Most Likely to be Banned" and "Needs to Find another Forum besides Forum games". I hate you people. (Well, at least I was right about Dinomar getting banned...)

Good fucking bye.
Hell, many people are just dieing because they aren't getting any votes. Be happy with what you get.

Oh, and actually being a hacker could help. Just saying.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Oh, and actually being a hacker could help. Just saying.

The only computer in the house that can run Lunar Magic and we have permission to download things on (The other one is a school laptop, so meh) is always being used by my older brother. I only originally came on to find out how to play SMW hacks on a Mac (see my first posts), but then I decided to hang around out of boredom.

Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by Mariofan0
and be able to Rub it in everyones faces.

If I wanted to rub them in people's faces, I'd change every single thread link and every single menu link to point directly to my profile. Don't tempt me.

In other news, there is one day left in the Mosts. 24 hours from now, I will be closing the thread. Supertails and I will then start counting. With over 100 entries, this is our largest Mosts to date.

Expect the counts to be done within a couple days.


Coin Tatrion

Great, it's almost time!

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Originally posted by So Not Normal
21. Most likely to deal the finishing blow to the 'lemmysux' meme

I totally had this vote until page 2.

Originally posted by So Not Normal
"Most Unnoticed" as it is would just be a stupid category.

We all LOVE stupid catagories, don't we? XD

Good fucking bye.
Just a quick question: How long does it normally take to count the votes?
Originally posted by So Not Normal
Expect the counts to be done within a couple days.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
I may start and finish my chunk tomorrow. fabio has also volunteered to help now, so that cuts the votes we have to count down significantly. If all goes well, I SHOULD have the results posted by Tuesday.
And the counting begins now!

Expect exciting live updates here or something.
I was able to finish my chunk of the voting. (first two pages) Of course, even when all three of us finish, it'll probably take a bit to compile the results together.
Done my counts.

Here are a few sneak peeks at a third of the results:

21. Most likely to deal the finishing blow to the 'lemmysux' meme
	Bloodstar: 5
	Quizler: 1
	Ersanio: 1
	Kieran: 1
	Spade: 1
	FirePhoenix: 1
	Tormentor2: 2
	BusterBeetle: 3
	Lemmy The Koopa: 7
	SNN: 1
	Amos: 1

17. Needs to find other forums besides Forum Games
	SpikyRat: 11
	PangeaPanga: 1
	Giga: 1
	pieguy1372: 2
	Demonsul: 1
	Crystal/Half-Breed: 1
	Luigi-San: 2

9. Most reclusive
	Pac: 6
	B.B.Link: 1
	SNN: 1
	1024: 2
	Techokami: 4
	System: 1
	Mystia Lorelei: 1
	Logarithmika Magus: 1
	Gekko: 1
	Bio: 2
	The Magician: 1
	Sonikku: 1
	Forty2: 1
	Carol: 3
	Jack Levin: 1
	raocow: 1
	Homing: 1

Remember, these are only 33% of the results. These numbers are bound to change drastically once fabio finishes his votes.
Finish my set of votes as well. However, I plan on double-checking the numbers again tomorrow to make sure I got everything right and will send it to SNN ASAP.

In the meantime, here are my sneak pits of the results:

1. Best Regular Member:

- Ultimaximus (7)
- Azure (3)
- Ladida (3)
- Tatrion (3)
- Agent Q (2)
- andrevus (2)
- Steven (2)
- Vaporeon (2)
- An00bis (1)
- BusterBeetle (1)
- CesarB (1)
- Demonsul (1)
- exit1337 (1)
- Exor (1)
- Ivanka Trump (1)
- Kernigh (1)
- Lord Monocle IV (1)
- MATTAN (1)
- Mert_Hack (1)
- Mystia Lorelei (1)
- NekohDot (1)
- Pac (1)
- pikaguy900 (1)
- Quizler (1)
- Reading (1)
- Romi (1)
- Sagittaire (1)
- S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. (1)
- Sonikku (1)
- TLMB (1)
- yoshicookiezeus (1)

10. Funniest:

- S.N.N. (11)
- Spade (9)
- Tatrion (5)
- Ersanio (2)
- Smallhacker (2)
- Dadiro (1)
- Logarithmika Magus (1)
- Mystia Lorelei (1)

12. Most likely to be banned:

- Dinomar (8)
- SpikyRat (3)
- S.N.N. (2)
- Gladel (1)
- Noobish Noobsicle (1)
- Spade (1)

19. Biggest pervert:

- KilloZapit (7)
- Giga (3)
- Blumiere (2)
- Ghettoyouth (1)
- Jumpluff_999 (1)
- Kieran (1)
- Kiki-mewmew (1)
- Mystia Lorelei (1)
- Player1 (1)
- System (1)
- TheMonkeyBob (1)
- Yasamito (1)

21. Most likely to deal the finishing blow to the 'lemmysux' meme:

- Lemmy (3)
- Bloodstar (2)
- Kieran (2)
- BusterBeetle (1)
- FirePhoenix (1)
- Spade (1)
- Tormentor2 (1)
Excellent. I should have no problem compiling these results by the middle of tomorrow.

Three counters are certainly better than one.
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