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Official Touhou Thread
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Official Touhou thread. Discuss the Touhou series of games, the music, the characters, the memes, the attack patterns, whatever. also vote me biggest touhou fanboy since blumiere has only been playing it a month

Anyways, I'm currently stuck on my 1CC of Subterranean Animism on normal, mainly due to stage 5. I cleared stages 1-3 without bombing/dying, stage 4 without dying, but I still got a game over on Orin after entering stage 5 with 6 lives and full power. Some of her attacks are just total BS, like the one where she shoots ghost wheels, and I have no idea what the strategy for her final attack is. Not to mention the stage itself more than makes up for the lack of a difficulty just at stage 4. Any tips here?
Subterranean Animism.....that game can go ape shit on you at any time....I'm starting to play SWR again.

I should at least get a bronze for biggest touhou fanboy/fangirl

I've only played EoSD and PCB because the website Troopa linked me to is utter shit. Where can I download Touhou games that aren't broken? <:[

Farthest I've gotten is:

EoSD: 100% on normal mode with continues
PCB: 100% on normal mode with continues
fuck yeah meowingtons
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I swear this is like the 5th 'official' Touhou thread. Anyways, I'm a fan of Touhou, maybe not a bigger one then most of you here. Iv been playing it for quite a while now, Iv beaten every Touhou game at least once on normal and hard difficulty with no continues. I love the music, I have like every track from every game in my Ipod. I hate Touhou 11 the most, love Touhou 10 the most, and I'm happy that I'm probably the only person here that's beaten Yukari Yakumo from PCB Phantasm Stage. If not the only person, then who cares. Just knowing that I beat her is still good enough. And I can't wait for Touhou 12, which is coming out August 14 I think.

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Originally posted by Yukari Yakumo
also vote me biggest touhou fanboy since blumiere has only been playing it a month

Oh, quit your whining.

I've been playing EoSD, SA and MoF for the past month. In MoF I got to the final boss on Normal and Slash Man made me close the window accidently, thus triggering a Blumiere anger tantrum on the IRC, in EoSD I can easily get to the end of Stage 3, but then I start panicing and spam my bombs (sigh), and in SA I can get pretty far in, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

I'd post some of my replays to show you what I mean, but they're all on my other computer.
i suck at EoSD, i got to the 4th boss but i died :P



Ironically, I managed to beat it 2-3 days after I unlocked it, compared to several months of suffering after I unlocked Extra. Now I should go and 1CC SA Normal :V
I actually only really started paying Touhou around 3 weeks ago and I'm addicted.
...But that doesn't mean I'm insanely awesome at it.
I've played EoSD, PCB, and IN. I've gotten about 65% on all of them (normal difficulty), and that's about it :|
The music in Touhou is some of the best music I've ever heard in a video game. Now if only I could find a place to download it...
I tried playing Touhou 9 on my computer, but WINE doesn't like it and won't run it.
I'm actually trying to beat the games in order.

Beat 1, now I gotta do the rest. =_=;

I love the music though. Yukari is my favorite by far..I don't even know why.
Originally posted by MortaLPortaL
Yukari is my favorite by far..I don't even know why.

love you too <3

Anyways, apparently the Touhou 12 demo has been updated, but the only major differences are that bosses drop a single life piece on defeat (not on each spellcard, but after you beat the entire boss), and you no longer start with very little power when continuing (which pretty much prevented you from even having a reason to continue, it took ages to get your power back up). Stage 2 and 3 have actually gotten harder, despite lots of complains about Kogasa and the later half of stage 3 :(
I only started last week, and already know a lot about. Damn, it's addicting.
I've only beaten Imperishable Night, because the site I got Perfect Cherry Blossom gave me a trial, and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil doesn't indicate where the boss is at the bottom of the screen.
The only other games I have (for now) are MegaMari, Super Marisa World, and Touhou Puppet Play.
Touhou 12.3, the next fighting game, has been announced!

New and returning characters:

Details are scarce, and we don't even have a proper English title yet, but we'll definitely hear more about this at Comiket.
This just made my day.

I've been excited for the final version of UFO, but another fighter looks awesome. I'm curious as to who the shadow character is: some sort of fairy? One even stronger than Cirno?

Anyway, Sanae and Cirno will make fine new additions to the roster, and the return of Hong Meiling and her unique fighting style is a welcome one. There's a lot of new characters I hope for as well, such as Kanako, Suwako, Eirin, (<3) Mokou, Satori, and Yuugi but we'll have to see how this turns out. We better have some characters from Touhou 11 and 12 though. D:
Damn, I suck at the fighting games for Touhou ... then again I never took the time to actually pay attention to how to use combos and such. This doesn't exactly get me any more hyped than I am for UFO, but I guess I'll give it a try when it comes out in the distant future.

Also, Sanae as a playable character in UFO = <3 <3 <3

Originally posted by Supertails
I'm curious as to who the shadow character is: some sort of fairy? One even stronger than Cirno?

Actually, to me, that shadow looks pretty much exactly like Cirno ... unless my eyes are failing me.

On a side note, the title for 12.3 according to Wikipedia translates to "Touhou Hisōtensoku" ... anyone up for an English translation?
Taking a second look, the silhouette matches Cirno perfectly, so it's most likely her.

I'm not sure if this is true, but from what I've heard, this is actually an expansion pack of SWR with some new characters (there's supposed to be five total) among other things. At least the other two would hopefully be returning characters we'd want to see instead of new ones.

New pic

Kanako and Suwako appear to be summons Sanae can bring out. Would've been cool to see either of them playable, but this looks like a nice way for them to still be included in an Assist Trophy-esque way. It'd be neat if they did the same for Reisen and gave her Kaguya and Eirin or Tewi to help her out. (because she really needed some help in SWR :P)
On that note, holy crap it's already almost time for the final version. And to think, it feels like just yesterday that TH 11 was released. Wow.

Anyway, I used to be pretty awesome at Touhou when I played it last year. I could almost flawlessly beat Flandre in EoSD (that was the first one I played). However, after taking a break from it, I pretty much lost any and all skill I had in it. Nowadays, I struggle to even beat it on Normal. Eh.
Well actually, Extra is meant to be like a stage that takes Normal level skill, but lots of memorization. That's why I've beaten all of the extras from EoSD to MoF, but I still can't beat SA on Normal (either that of the fact that I suck at SA in general).

orin must die
Hopefully 12 is better then 11. 11 was horrible in my opinion. And I hate how they kept the whole "get purple star shards to get a extra life" thing, and I hate even more how they added the same feature to bombs now... I must admit though, graphics, character design and music is looking good. I just need to get used to the whole UFO thing and the fact that raising your power is very hard.

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Originally posted by Sakura Kinomoto
11 was horrible in my opinion.

I noticed 11 had MUCH more difficult stages as well, which kind of phased me away. The first level of SA alone felt like level 6 of EoSD or something. I still made it rather far, but I eventually just gave up due to it being too frustrating.

Either way, I'd like to see all of the "old" systems from 6, 7, and 8 brought back. I thought they were perfect the way they were.
Let's just say Touhou 11 was the only game I got totally creamed by a Stage 2 midboss in. Stupid Parsee and those bullets that follow you. >:(

Anyway, yeah, Touhou 11 was too hard for my tastes, though it had great music (Walking the Streets of a Former Hell <3) and visuals. It was quite an abrupt change from Mountain of Faith, which ended up being on the easy side.
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