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Mario Guessing Game

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:)my first post!Anyway you have to guess what Mario character i'm talking about.1st question:He's the main villan in Mario Games.
Bowser. Duh.
Good fucking bye.
bowser :P
Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
Bowser !
Bowser:( saw him coming because I haunted your mind for two days.
Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
My Pokemon:

Party Image cause I feel lazy.
bowser ;D
The game's dead, guys. >.>
Good fucking bye.
I guess I should continue this, or else we'll get more people posting "Bowser!"

Who am I thinking of? Here's some hints:
1. Cloaked in red
2. Destroys grammar

To prevent bumping, start a new guessing game after someone has already answered.
Fawful? He does have fury.
O'Chunks maybe.
Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
Originally posted by Thundahack
Fawful? He does have fury.


1. Bit of a coward
2. Has a caring girlfriend in Koopa Village
Your layout has been removed.
koops or colombus...
Just visiting...
Koops ???

or ???
It's Koops.
Originally posted by Vandarx
It's Koops

Originally posted by Y for Yoshi
Koops ???

Originally posted by ds777fighter

Originally posted by Lunar Rico

Sorry, but the answer is Koops. Maybe you'll get the next one right.

1. Introduced himself as Michael.
2. Girlfriend insists Mario not to finish him off.

old skool =D lakilester

1. Elder of a civilization
2. Always in a bad mood
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Link Thread Closed