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The SMW thread.

Just talk about smw in general here, favorite level, max points, etc.
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Hotel Horror and Partnership Evi- oh wait.

Tubular is my favorite. I love how they shove a random impossible level where if you mess up even once you die in an easy game.
Castles that have layer 2 smash are my favorite.
I like the last level of special world ^_^
Its long and annoying.
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The wiggler glitch is fun to abuse. The fact that you mentioned "max points" reminded me how easy it is to get max points with that glitch.
My favourite levels are cookie mountain (I don't know, I just like it.) And outrageous (IMO harder than tubular)
What's the wiggler glitch? Does it work in the gba version? I had to get my max points the hard way.
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Wiggler glitch:
Go to forest of illusion 1 with a cape, after the part with the transparent block, you'll find 3 Wigglers, bounce on 1, then on the other, and the last one, then, using the cape, bounce back to Wiggler 2, then 1 again and again... you'll get a 1-up, then a 2-up, and a 3-up, then TEH GLITCHED SACRED 5-UP, then random crap (glitched point tiles), lotsa coins and points. It's fun. O_o
Not sure if it works on the GBA version, if it doesn't, try it on an emulator with the Rom...
Back on topic: I like block train levels. =3

The "glitch" is fixed on the GBA version. You can still do it, but you will just get 5ups. No glitched point things, so this is no longer a way to get your points maxed out.
in the snes version of smw, I haven't noticed the shadow HDMA effect
(used in the bottom of the screen) that the GBA version uses it, but its
possible to insert it to the snes version?, also I hated the tubular
level, its so HARD, since my GBA SP can't do savestate support to beat
this level easily.
I like the last special world level... you know, the only level in the game that has green berries. I would always do that trick to make the music play faster and faster until I couldn't really tell what it was anymore.
after about 10 YEARS of having SNW i finaly got 96 exits^^(Soda lake and choclate secret was hard to know how to get to)
my favorite?
choclate secret is pure win with it´s sinking layer 2.
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The only game that took me near that long to complete was sm64: 8 years. Smw took me 3 :0 (but because it was just one exit, that went straight to the same level, by that point I could play through to bowser in 19:24.)
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My favorite level is probably one of the ghost houses. The ghost ship was pure win too.

<-- this is the dope on dope
I love the way Mario (or Luigi. Can't forget about him) destroys the castles in progressively weirder ways. (starting with a simple explosion, eventually erasing a castle with a paintbrush and ripping one out of the ground.)

My favorite was the 7th castle. Challenging, but not frustrating.
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My favorite level is... Groovy!

i got over 100,000 pts in the gba version in that level. :]
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