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What do you do?

What do you do while hacking your SMW game?

-Watch TV
-Listen to music
-Chat on MSN
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I curse Lunar Magic, myself and then cry.
I plot more plans for world domination.
Listen to music, blocks out the noise. Keeps me to the task at hand.
I listen to music, chat or watch random videos.
Get distracted by everyone on IRC.
I'm typing a post.
I'm listening to awesome SPCs and chatting with my friends on MSN.
basically when i hack lunar magic, it can go wrong. here's how a normal hacking day might go...

DANG! not that music! i forgot to make a backup! imported the wrong graphics! crap! forgot to change the sp4 slot! CRAP CRAP CRAP!
anyways XD, i sometimes just quit it, then play something else. like age of mythology online. :)
Oh...that was meant to be a joke?