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Worst nightmares?

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i dont have night mares actully. so what about you guys?
Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
um, anything not involving a naked guy D:

actully, my brother had a night mare that a spider was EATING him. he ran downstairs into the bathroom for 2 hours. :)
Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
First off I was out in the street, when everything went dark and this alligator appeared, vomited and went away again. Then everyone in the street was walking past vomiting. Then we heard a "THUMP, THUMB, THUMB" noise as if a giant was walking by. It was really a giant walking eyeball. As it appeared, this scary tune started playing. A mouth appeared on the eyeball monster and it picked me up and ate me. Then I woke up. Free counters!
Originally posted by Jeorge535
I had a horrible nightmare last night.

that sounds wierd XD i wonder what it was like.

Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
Seeing my family and firnds die one time and another......It's so horrible..

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Hm well a lot of these dreams I am reading through are too predictable, I'm sure that the forum could dream up something not as far-fetched as being eaten by a monster. I have actually been suffering from a few nightmares recently though that are starting to become more consecutive and are about the same thing. One of the dreams in particular is one that I have had to put up with my entire life since I’ve dreamed about it since childhood. It is loosing the ability to walk, whenever you try to walk your legs feel like iron and so you are planted to the ground; quite frightening when you are just about to be hit by a train I know… Apparently that type of dream is supposed to represent having a hard time accomplishing a goal… actually, now that I look at it my nightmares are making perfect sense.
I pretty much don't have nightmares, really. :P There's been times in my dreams when I was scared, but it was always just part of the typical semi-coherent plot. Like the one I had last night where there was this giant, supposedly venomous snake on a park bench, or the dream I had a while ago where I almost fell out of a plane. They weren't the focus of the dream; just random events within it.

The only true "nightmare" I can recall, where it was the focus of the dream, is being chased down a dark hallway by...killer bats. I think.
I was in a stormy beach, with Spongebob (yes, him). Then I saw a building with...WINNIE THE POOH inside! He told me to get up where he was by climbing a rope, bit it broke apart and I fell, but Spongebob saved. Then I went into the building with Winnie the Pooh, but the Giant Screamers (birds) ate me.

The End.
Well, I work at a theatre currently, so my nightmare is pretty standard. Basically it goes as follows: whatever show I'm working on in going up about a month before it actually goes up, so I'm forced to go onstage and make up all the lines and songs and I for some reason don't remember how the plot goes or who the characters are. Oh and the stage is always this pathetic thing like a fair display. And if I'm in the pit the dream is that none of the orchestra is ready so I have to play the entire show by myself and the actors haven't learned their music.

You know, the basics.
I actually seem to have more nightmares than any other type of dream. I had one a while ago, where I met these two anorexic-looking kids, one boy and one girl, on a farm, but all of the crops were dead. A man who I assumed was their dad came from nowhere -there were no buildings on the farm- with a machine of some sort. It was a big machine, too. It'd take two or three people to lift in the real world. I looked back at the children, and between them was a short tree, that seemed to be growing human hearts, and instead of branches, it had veins and arteries, but there were still leaves on it. The man put the machine in front of the tree, and a black hose with something sharp on the end came out. He stabbed the tree in its stem, and it seemed to react as if it were in pain. Two clear hoses then came out from the machine, and the man stabbed both of the kids in the chests. It seemed as if they felt no pain. The clear hoses started to expand on the ends, to the sizes of their whole chests, and the machine started sucking out their hearts, all the while making no noise whatsoever. At this point, I was afraid for my life, and when I look back on it, I don't really know why. I'm fine with looking at gore and stuff, normally. Anyways, from what I could tell, the machine was starting to pump their hearts into the stem of the tree. I looked at the kids again, and the hoses had been replaced with veins and arteries, connected to the tree of hearts.

I then woke up, sobbing.
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Originally posted by The Storm: Am I the only one that always has nightmares or weird dreams, and never nice or happy dreams >_<

May look like it, but your not alone. i just had a wierd dream a few days ago. i actully like wierd dreams. (isnt that wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiierd?)

this is what happend: there were people sitting on a piano, then a giant goomba crashed in, and the people screamed and went into a warp hole, and came out of a toilet, then the toilet flushed, then a gaint koopa came and ate the goomba, then a shy guy squished the toilet, turned it into a frisby, and tossed it around with a living shampoo bottle.

I cant stop laughing. that was really funny as a wierd dream. Im not sure if i will ever have a wierd dream again -.-

Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
Originally posted by The Storm
Am I the only one that always has nightmares or weird dreams, and never nice or happy dreams >_<

I always seem to have nightmares or weird dreams, too.

Falling. That's my worst nightmare. Falling. >.>
Good fucking bye.
[post by spiky rat[post byThe Storm]Am I the only one that always has nightmares or weird dreams, and never nice or happy dreams >_<[

I always seem to have nightmares or weird dreams, too.

Falling. That's my worst nightmare. Falling. >.>

Heh yeah, that makes me bolt out of my bead quickly.
it happens so many times. like i had a dream that my bicycle hit a rock and i went flying at least a mile. Wierd things happen all the time...
it doesnt happen anymore. Or does it....?

Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
The other night I had a dream that I was climbing a 1000 meter (somehow it didn't reach space) during a thunderstorm without any ropes or anything like that. When I reached the top I got blown off by strong winds and had to endure 5 painful minutes of falling to my death. Then I woke up once I hit the ground.
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Here'sa nightmare. I regularly operate a huge thrill ride, Riptide. It's a topspin that throws you about upside down in two simultaneous directions. So, in the dream the seats came off and The central bar that supports the thing snapped, sending all 38 riders high into the sky. I knew what was going to happen, but I dared not look. I heard the screaming and the *CRASH*. I woke up the next morning panicking. Guess where I was working that day? =P

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I have some occasionaly. I dream that i'm asleep on my bed, an intruder breaks the door, walks to my dads room, kills him, kills my dogs in the front room, walks upstairs, kills my cat (i love my cat alot) kills my mom, then is an inch away from stabbing me, then i wake up... And if you don't believe in spirits or ghosts, don't read the next one! Something was calling my name, and i couldn't find it. i look everywhere. Then i wake up to see a light orb in the corner of my room. That's where i run downstairs into my dads room!
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Well, rarely I have nightmares. But I dreamed what my mom has been kidnapped.

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Once when I was like 6 had a nightmare of like these ugly scary faces staring down at me from a dark cloudy sky. Also I once dreamed I was falling off a skyscraper endlessly.
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