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Working on a 3d game. need someone experienced!

Hey all. Well I am currently working on a 3d Mario game based loosely off Super Mario World called Super Mario Dreams. Unfortunately I am still learning programming skills and so I need someone to help me out with this since I mainly compose music and design levels although I do know a few things about programming. Thanks!
You can use, and tutorials to find a 3d tutorial.
The only tutorials for Game maker is mostly in yoyo games.
i wish you good luck on your uh... game!
Oh...that was meant to be a joke?
Game Maker has very poor support for 3D. I don't think it even lets you import models.
That's what I herd too.

You should search for other game making utilities instead. Surely some are better.

I remember seeing a hacking utility for super mario 64, but I don't know if it's really good. It can be found on

Maybe you can try an isometric game though... Like super mario RPG. There's still lazy shell though.
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Dark Basic is a good 3d game maker. But it uses actual code instead of GM graphic interface.

Originally posted by Tama Yoshi
I remember seeing a hacking utility for super mario 64

The name of that program is “Toads Tool 64,” but I don’t think it can make a 2½d game.

Try finding an editor NSMB.

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Ogre is an open source program you can use. Its graphics rendering software, that you can implement code into. I've never tried it out myself, but if you can learn to use it well, thats probably the best "non-ROMhacking" way to make a 2.5D Platformer.

My first attempt at porting!