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Let's make a story!

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Alright, simple rules. One person types a sentence, & the next poster types another sentence to pick up on that. Easy. Hopefully this doesn't fail epicly like all my other threads did... Ok,

It was a sunny day on mars.

Your turn!
Were it so easy...
When all of a sudden, a huge crack penetrated across the surface of the planet.
When you use binary as a level, nobody knows what level you are! *laughs manically*

Lava boiled out of it, which none of the mars rovers there really liked, & nobody else appreciated that much either, coupled with the fact the planet was splitting, inch by inch.

*gasp* long sentence... OK, who's next?
Were it so easy...
This shouldn't be "LET'S MAEK AN STORI"?
Then, an astronaut destroyed the planet with a lazor.
i just lurk sometimes
"Just then, out of nowhere, I appear in the slushy mess of loss and revert everything to last save."
All of a sudden, a mutant rabbit appears out of nowhere and starts killing everybody.
Good fucking bye.
after he kills everybody , he tried to kill the Planet
But the planet was invincibleFree counters!
But then the planet suddenly exploded, blowing the mutant rabbit to an unknown planet.
Good fucking bye.
The mutant rabbit was set upon by aliens, who killed it to extract it's brain for gruesome experiments.
And then one of the aliens betrayed the other aliens and blew up the laboratory.
Good fucking bye.
Hiwever the laboratory's ninja chickens survived the explosion and went to the alien's house with rusty metal spoons seeking revenge.
Find me on here if you need me; also, it'd be nice to have a few SMWers on there ;)

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Originally posted by K3fka
They should make a movie.
I can see it now, with two floating munchers.
"Yeah, I want your cutoff!"
"Oh baby, your bad palette is so tight!"

But then the spoons blow up for no reason, leaving the chickens defenseless to the alien's LAZOR!
Good fucking bye.
luigi comes to save the chickens whith his only defence, a mega mushroom
But the LAZOR was powerful enough to blast Mega Luigi back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
Good fucking bye.

Then the Mushroom Kingdom got nuked but Luigi escaped in his time machine.
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But then his Time Machine blew up for unknown reasons, leaving him lost in time.
FTW Mushrooms - Created by Me.

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Ooo, Both things are clickable!
And then Nintendo decided to make a game of it. It was called "Luigi Is Missing".
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
but an astronaut wanted to keep this secret and blew up the nitendo offices!
Oh...that was meant to be a joke?

So the astronaut's punishment was to play a poorly made hack with floating munchers and glitched graphics.
My Youtube Channel. 90,000+ subscribers!

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