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Patching is ANNOYING ME

OK I'm getting sick and tired of this. I'm almost ready to stop my hack MKM2. I CAN'T WIN! Here's the scoop...

As I create my game, I insert custom blocks along the way. But for some reason NoSpriteLimit patch does not like that idea! I am using BTSD. So the patch is working fine running good. Now I insert an invisable midway point block in BTSD then I apply it to my ROM. Then I go check it out in my ROM. Oh Mario's head is cut off and 75% of the sprites turn invisable! But the invisable midway point works. I go and apply the NoSpriteLimit patch again and now the sprites show up no problem, but the Imidway block has turned into crap. The graphics are normal, but as soon as Mario touches the block it appears visible as a Question block with a Key in it.

Basically the patch is saying, not to insert anymore blocks as I go along with the game (because I work best when I make stuff up as I go along.) So either all my blocks have to be complete or not to have this patch. I know I can just remake this game again at the end when all my blocks are final. But seriously, come on.....
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It sounds like the sprite tile limits patch is overwriting block-related ASM hacks in some way. Are you sure you pointed the freespace to an empty location in the SMW ROM?

For a freespace tutorial download this document.
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