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Super Tetris World

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A seperate thread for my hack Super Tetris World. Most of you have seen the screenshots in the screenshot thread, I might as well post them again here.

Level 105. Mario seems to be dealing with "Tetrified Koopas."

Level 106. Notice the pipe dwelling Latiku sprite will now hurt Mario when jumped on.

Sortof reminds you of the Bitlands doesnt it?

Is that a Blarg?

Spike Tops...

Underwater level with tetrified fish and urchins.

Superspikes are edited lava tiles.

Superspikes and spikeballs.

Thwomps and Mega Thwomps. Mega Thwomps are just layer 2 objects with the smash command.

This screenshot is a little early, I already tetrified the goal tape sprite to make it fit in.

Castles will have many spikes. Careful!

Smashing vertical spikes.

Three more levels to go before I submit the two world demo. Since this hack started off as a joke, I left the overworld alone. I fear it might be too late to change it.
Looks good. I'll be looking for your demo.
I really like those Piranhas made out of tetrads, but if all the enemies look like the stuff making up the foreground and background, things could get really confusing. I don't much like the layer 3 castle bricks and windows mixed with new foregrounds, so those should probably be edited.
I will definatley fix the layer 3 bricks and windows, That does look like crap. As for the enemies being too much like the foreground, I really dont know how to change them to look better. Any ideas?
Hmm... maybe give the tetrads they're made up of a different pattern? X's through the squares or something, I dunno...
Looks good.
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

hooray for super tetris world
At the beginning you'll end up at Yoshis house again. Yoshis house is just an empty area with a mushroom left for Mario. But there is a secret...

This is Yoshis hideout. It seems pretty empty...

Find a P-switch, enter a secret door and end

Now find a secret pipe and end up here.

Get past the scrolling tetris pieces and get here.

Avoid the spikeballs and end up here. Wow, pretty!

Follow the loooooong rainbow road and here we are!

You'll have to wait and see how I set up the pit of 100 trials! The demo version I will submit soon will only have 25 rooms.
pit of 100 trials, sweet!
Just back here to browse a bit.
I need some opinions. This hack started off as a joke, so I never touched the overworld nor do I plan to now that I already started on many levels. Is that bad?
An unmodified looks n00bish and lazy. I say make it.
Oh crap I guess you're right. Anyone want to help me with that? I'm no good at the overworld.

Just tetrify the original smw overworld.

Actually a Tetris overworld probably wouldn't be hard, even if you don't think you're very good at it. It doesn't have to have multiple layers (although if it did, that would look cool) and it could all be straight lines. Green blocks for land, blue blocks for water, yellow/red blocks for levels, gray blocks for castles!
I'll see what I can do. I was thinking of just tetrifying the overworld and having a storyline about how dinosaur land was taken over by an odd and powerful tetris monster (Bowser). Keep in mind though that the 2 world demo I will be releasing soon wont have an edited overworld or title screen.
for the thwomps, you should put spikes under them for more pain!
Just back here to browse a bit.
Good Idea!

Look out Mario!
that looks better. =) I have another idea. make a level with giant tetris blocks falling from nowhere
Just back here to browse a bit.
I really like the tetris idea, it'll really make the hack and sounds like fun. It seems you are going to have a Pit of 100 Trials too! ;)
It sounds nice as a novelty, but only a novelty if you don't do well with the levels.
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