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What did you do when the site was down?

What did you during SMWC's downtime this past week?
I just spent some time on the IRC. Which is where I came up for the idea of this thread in the first place.
Well, when the site was down, it said "FORBIDDEN" which led me to beleive I was banned. The next week, it changed, making me feel better. Then I went to cedar point, rode EVERY ride for the first time, and it came back up...In other words, nothing...
Went on other forums, IRC, made LPs....

Hockey, Tennis.

The usual.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
I went outside for the first time in my life.

Holy crap. Did anyone else notice that giant yellow ball in the sky?
No, in fact. I'll just go see if--HOLY FUCK HE's RIGHT

In all seriousness, all I did was make F-Zero X tracks and small progress on my Game Maker project. Neither of which went very far, seeing as I was in Spain most 99% of the downtime.
Yeah, I tried to stare at that damn thing and it ruined my eyes. But if it ruined them, then how am I seeing what I'm typing? O_O lol.
Well, I went on IRC, basically stayed there all day while working slowly on my hack. That pretty much sums up thw whole week without SMWC.
I watched raocow's videos, and hung out on other forums.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by So Not Normal
Holy crap. Did anyone else notice that giant yellow ball in the sky?


As for me, I lurked Board 2 and Jul (everyone has a million posts there x_x), played Platinum for 0374536 hours, and, as usual, was on the IRC all day.
I spend a lot of time here. While it was down, I guess I went on Skype and IRC. I also wend outside a lot. Unfortunately, most of my friends are off on vacation right now D:
I went on the IRC a lot more than usual, I watched tons of Youtube videos and worked on "Yoshi's Island GM" (my YI fangame made with Game Maker)Free counters!
When I notice that SMW Central was down I did other things in my computer such as watching videos at Youtube and games.
Pit of 100 Trials


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Fear the Muncher!
Fear the Lil' Sparky!
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I worked on my side-hack, read comics and worked.

Well, while the site was down, I went on the IRC, watched YouTube videos, re-did some of the old levels in my hack, made a few ASM hacks, and played some SMW2+2 and Mario Kart Wii.
Well, I was on vacation for the first part of the downtime, but mainly hung around on IRC and played Sonic Robo Blast 2, as well as doing real-life stuff.
I...did stuff.

I'm not sure exactly what I did, to be honest. These past couple of weeks just seemed to blend into each other.
I got stuck on my hack for about the 100th time.
I actually did some schoolwork. I think the downtime has been a good influence on me.

But now that the site is back up...
May we meet again outside the battlefield.

Originally posted by Dr. Strangelove

I just spent some time on the IRC. Which is where I came up for the idea of this thread in the first place.

I cried a lot. I missed my poor old smwc D:
I worked on my hack which i am currently doubting
I did the normal stuff i always do.
And i was a lot more bored then usual haha. Its going to be weird checking these forums multiple times a day again :D

Oh and i watched a shit ton o movies haha

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
Ehh, plenty.

1. I began learning C# and started up a new project called Pilotweeds - editor for Pilotwings (SNES).
2. Some SMAS dis. (Barely though.)
3. Lurking on IRC, sometimes talking.
4. Finding out that I still have an account on Jul I forgot about completely. Lurked and posted there yesterday.

Yeah. Tbh we should have more of these breaks. Makes the job easy. XD
(Also, this is besides the stuff I do normally. Everything I did was like normal + above mentioned - SMWC.)
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