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The SMW Central Mosts - RESULTS

I know I know .. you're all asking "how the hell did he count so fast?" Actually, I don't think anyone even cares about that, so let's skip to the results.

FOR A QUICK LIST OF WHO WON, click HERE. If you want to see detailed results however, read on:


-Best All-Around Hacker:

1. FPI: 21 votes
2. Carol: 10 votes
3. Ghettoyouth: 9 votes

FPI wiped the board clean with this one.

-Best graphics designer:

1. Icegoom: 42 (christ) votes
2. Ghettoyouth: 17 votes
3. Darklink898: 3 votes



1. A Yoshi: 18 votes
2. Delmaru: 7 votes
3. Darklink898: 6 votes
3. S.N.N.: 6 votes

A Yoshi is really really nice isn't he ^_^

-Most witty:

1. Boing: 10 votes
2. Tatrion: 7 votes
2. Smallhacker: 7 votes
3. Pac: 5 votes

But is witty always a good thing?


1. Pac: 10 votes
2. Boing: 7 votes
3. internoob: 5 votes
3. S.N.N.: 5 votes
3. Tatrion: 5 votes

Hey, it's a three-way tie for third!

-Best local mod:

1. S.N.N.: 38 votes
2. B.B.Link: 6 votes
3. icegoom: 3

Uh, wow.

-Best Full Mod

1. Tatrion (a lot of votes). He's the only full mod with votes, so he wins by default!

-Most mysterious:

1. smwedit: 6 votes
2. Carol: 5 votes
3. mikeyk: 4 votes
3. BMF54123: 4 votes

Nah, he's not THAT mysterious.

-Best Male Regular Member:

1. Boing: 10 votes
2. Darklink898: 7 votes
3. A Yoshi: 4 votes

And there were countless votes for others too!

-Best Female Regular Member:

1. Amanda: 32 votes
2. Dispari Scruo: 10 votes
3. Kyoseron: 2 votes
3. Aiyo: 2 votes

There are not enough female hackers :\


1. Smallhacker: 22 votes
2. mikeyk: 14 votes
3. Bio: 11 votes

Smart batch of people right here, folks.

-Most unnoticed person with hidden talents:

1. TrackFTV: 3 votes
1. KilloZapit: 3 votes
2. papermario766: 2 votes
2. pieguy1372: 2 votes
2. smwedit: 2 votes

Due to so many "me" votes, there will only be a first and second place for this one.

-Most fun to talk to:

1. A Yoshi: 5 votes
2. Amanda: 4 votes
2. papermario766: 4 votes
2. Delmaru: 4 votes

Again, same with this one.

-Most likely to be banned:

1. Amanda: 10 votes
2. TLMB: 7 votes
3. BIGBADTODD18: 6 votes

lol is all that can be said.

-Most Likely Couple:

1. Amanda/DarthMullet: 12 votes
2. Kieran/Kotoko: 7 votes

Those are the only two real couples.

-Most unlikely couple:

1. Troopa Pride/Amanda: 6 votes
2. Boing/Amanda: 3 votes
3. Kieran/Smallhacker: 2 votes
HONORABLE MENTION: Danny13/Pac: 1 golden vote.

Poor Amanda is the victim of many most unlikely couples.

-Worst spelling/grammar

1. Internoob: 7 votes
2. bored2tears: 6 votes
3. Troopa Pride: 4 votes

You guys are so nice ^_^

-Most likely to gpo=asgda18b]`ugdc7vx~:

1. Troopa Pride: 4 votes
2. Bio: 3 votes
2. Pac: 3 votes
3. Internoob: 2 votes
3. A Yoshi: 2 votes
3. Tatrion: 2 votes

It's funny because no one knows what it means.

-Most likely to get a lump of coal for X-Mas

1. Smallhacker: 8 votes
2. Amanda: 4 votes
3. Boing: 3 votes
3. Kieran: 3 votes

Merry Christmas!

-Best post layout:

1. darklink898: 17 votes
2. Orbis: 8 votes
3. S.N.N.: 6 votes

Yeah, I gotta say, his layout is pretty spiffy.

-Most informative posts:

1. Mericles: 17 votes
2. Boing: 7 votes
3. icegoom: 6 votes

They were, weren't they?

-Most likely to be a politician:

1. Amanda: 17 votes
2. Boing: 3 votes
3. Mericles: 2 votes
3. Kieran: 2 votes

Sure. We'll go with that.

-Most mellow:

1. B.B.Link: 4 votes
2. S.N.N.: 3 votes
3. Icegoom: 2 votes
3. Pac: 2 votes

Well, that one was uneventful.

-Best all-around person:

1. S.N.N.: 18 votes
2. darklink898: 6 votes
3. icegoom: 4 votes
3. Tatrion: 4 votes

And that concludes it!


Thank you to all who voted! Feel free to show off how many trophies you got and whine/bitch/moan, but for the love of god, NO FLAMING OR TROLLING OR YOU WILL GET BANNED


At least I got a silver trophy! ^^

I knew I'd never win with 4 votes. D:
*Goes all emo about it*

What happened to the lamest hack of the FAQ system ever? XD

Anyways, Congrats to all who've won a trophie. :P

thx guys
Congratulations...everyone...who won...

I want to thank all of my supporters and those who were afraid
of my death threats for voting for me!

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...

Neat stuff. Thanks.

By the way, if enough people want it, I'll hold another Mosts in six months (season skip), assuming we are still around and stuff.

And an extra trophy:
Lamest hack of FAQ system ever
have more categories next time S.N.N.

next time, I'll win the gold.

it's sad to see that Reading didn't get one though...
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
There needs to be a: most confusing poster, or most abusive mod or admin. *cough Smallhacker.
Sorry I was saying smallhacker.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by T

thx guys

Congratulations, V, err... I mean Z..... I mean T.
Lol my grammar must be worse then I thought. I have to start fixing it :P Well at least I got a trophy out of it.

Check out my profile for awesomeness!
Originally posted by S.N.N.

Neat stuff. Thanks.

By the way, if enough people want it, I'll hold another Mosts in six months (season skip), assuming we are still around and stuff.

You can get rich off these trophies.
Congratulations everyone who got a trophy!
I didn't even get nominated ;_;

I got more than I thought I would. XD
I got a silver in worst spelling/grammar. Change it to computer-wise for me because I have great grammar and spelling, I just don't use it on the computer.
Just back here to browse a bit.
Rofl me and riko are top unlikely couple XD
I find that ironic because we are both American.
Your layout has been removed.
i didnt get anything... V.v

oh well. maybe next time.
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA

Wow, I got 8 trophies!

Thank you all who voted for me, you are all now official homies.

Congrats Amanda!