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The SMW Central Mosts - RESULTS

Originally posted by Bad luck man
I knew I'd never win with 4 votes. D:
*Goes all emo about it*

What happened to the lamest hack of the FAQ system ever? XD

Anyways, Congrats to all who've won a trophie. :P

4 votes your lucky. I got 0.
Your layout has been removed.

Nagisa says...

can i get one?

Currently struggling to beat Touhou 12
I got one measley silver. ;_;

Your layout has been removed.
Comment: I'm honored most of all to have this trophy. :D

Best Male Regular Member
Comment: See above comment.

Most fun to talk to.
Comment: Ask Boing, Reading, KPhoenix, Tatoriga, XZ, or any of my friends, and they'd say the same thing. :P

Most likely to gpo=asgda18b]`ugdc7vx~:
Comment: Same as above. XD


Best All-Around Hacker: *cough*
Honestly, I would've expected at least Bronze or Silver. XD
Originally known as A Yoshi (2006-2009), Aquifer (2010-2011), and Azurik (2012-2014).
Probably because you haven't released anything yet. I'd be happy with those anyway, it's more than nothing.

Also, I like how half of Amanda's trophies are negative :|
Most likely to gpo=asgda18b]`ugdc7vx~:

I'm surprised I didn't get an award for this, considering that I get so fed up with n00bs that I want to scream sometimes. <_<
Just so I'm not left out, I'm going to do what A Yoshi did.

Best female member
Hmmmm... There is only 4 of us, not much to say.

Most fun to talk to
Wow, I'm fun to talk to? That was unexpected.

Likely to be banned
Honestly, why? I've only been banned 4 times, and 2 wern't even real bannings. Oh well, it's still a trophy.

Most likely couple
Heh, Patrick and I won, who else is there?

Most unlikely couple
I agree, Troopa Pride and I wouldn't go well together.

Most unlikely couple
Wow, two trophies in the same category? Once again, I agree, Boing and I wouldn't mix.

Coal for X-mas
That's not very nice.

Likely politician
I agree, thanks for the votes peeps.

That comes to a total of 5 gold and 3 silver, ending up in a grand total of 88 votes. I'm only counting the votes that actually got me a trophy, because I can't find the rest, it would probly be over 100 if I could. Thank you everyone for the golds, even if it wasn't in a positive subject (like most likely to be banned).

Originally posted by S.N.N.
Also, I like how half of Amanda's trophies are negative :|

Only two...

unless you count unlikly couple, then it would be half, and more than half if you count politician.

BTW, how many total votes did I get, SNN?
I don't know, I didn't do a complete tally, just the top 3. I'm pretty sure you won every category you got a votes in though, so you can check the first post and add up the categories you won in to see.

Actually, you got one vote for Best Post Layout, and one for most likely to gp-whatever the hell I slammed on my keyboard. So yeah, around 90
I thing I got at least something an most/all the categories, even bast male, wich is kinda odd. Oh, well.
Originally posted by Cheeseum
Congratulations everyone who got a trophy!
I didn't even get nominated ;_;

Same here, dude ;)
Anyway, congrats to everyone who got a trophy :)
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Originally posted by Cheeseum
Congratulations everyone who got a trophy!
I didn't even get nominated ;_;

It seems we aren't noticable enough. It doesn't really matter anyway. Well done to all who have won a trophy!
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hehe, who knew that i would win second for nicest? and tied for 2nd for most fun to talk to? kinda cool IMO
Wow. I'm the most mellow person here? I never would have guessed. Thanks to all that voted for me. At least I have some people on this site that cares.
i care, i just didnt vote for you cuz i didnt know you very good. sorry, but if knew you more i would have
Scientific genius!2 Silver trophies, I'm actually pretty proud of that since they are both positve ^.^

Congrats to everyone else that won a/some trophy/trophies!
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Originally posted by TLMB
it's sad to see that Reading didn't get one though...

Meh...I don't mind. I'd be glad if I got one, but I'm not going to complain. It's just a virtual trophy.

I did get a few votes for "best all-around hacker", though, but FPI, Carol, and Ghettoyouth beat me. In the case of the latter two, why are great graphics and ASM hacks better than creative gameplay and an intricate plot, huh?

*shot* I'm kidding.
Congrats to all.. Kind of sad I wasn't even mentioned. :,(

Sorry I was not able to vote, hopefully in the future there will be another contest like this so I can vote also.

A Yoshi, your tooooo nice. :) hahaha
Thanks to everyone who voted for me. :)
And stuff. >.>

Oh well, I got one golden trophy. :D

Now, Ill be back in a few hours, my halloween hack isnt finished OH SHIT. D:
hehe, you're welcome darklink898. you got 1 gold trophy, while i got 2 silver. wait, WTF? what does that have to do with anything, whatever.
Oh well, better luck next year. >_> At least I got one or two nominations.