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Origin Of Usernames

There are some funky names out there, and I thought it'd be cool to make a thread about the history of them. This thread has probably already been made before, but I'm relatively new, so I probably missed it, and now that I control the forums I decided I deserve it.

So, I'll start. Spud is an awesome sounding word for potato, but of course, it's already used on every site. I USED to be called Spudxd6(the last three letters random button mashings), but I think Alpha(the first letter of the Greek alphabet, thus ALPHAbet(which is alpha-beta)) sounds cool. So, that's how everyone's favorite Spud came to be.
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My name comes (obviously) from a Pokémon, one of my favourite Pokémons to be exact.
Nickyxplosion came from dethklok with nathan explosion but i changed the name in order for it to be my scene kid name xD its been original and no one has it :D
Toaster, Nickyxplosion, boozer, The Kid

I have many names :p
My username comes from the awesomeness that is myself.
One day on the IRC, it was somehow revealed that I'm actually Chen (a Touhou character) in real life.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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What is this, the fourth one of these now?

My username is a number. I just think it looks cooler this way.
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
If you don't know where I got my current username from, then I will cut out your heart and feed it to the many Miley Cyrus fans out there.

My main username, Ladida, was just something I randomly came up with.
My username, SpikyRat is a reference to Sonic and the Secret Rings. To be exact, some characters call Sonic a "rat", and he's spiky, so meh.

... Earlier on I was just using random things that came to mind. (Well, except for goldensonic15, that was a reference to Super Sonic. Don't ask why I keep referencing Sonic. XD)
Good fucking bye.
Hell if I remember.
S.N.N., the abbreviation of So Not Normal, was pretty much a randomization of three words I thought up one evening in 2005. After people starting calling me S.N.N., I just stuck with that.

anonimato its an spanish word, the normal word its anonimo and the translation of that word its anonymous.
basically a random word that come from my head in the registration.
I do pixels sometimes
Tails was pretty much my favorite game character a few years back, and adding his super form onto it sounded even better, so I used that for the first site I registered on. From then on, it's something I've stuck with, though I'll tack a 61 to the end if Supertails is already taken.
total unoriginality ftw

Although, MEEP was a name I started using in relation to amospeak, a made up "language" on the IRC we use
Mine is George and Jorge put together with 3 random numbers at the end.

Jorge is my real name, and you pronounce it "George"Free counters!
Mine is close to my lastname, and I just added 0444 TO IT TO BE RANDOM.
Jack Levin is character from the F-Zero franchise and he is one of my favourite characters (besides Captain Falcon) and I decided to use this name.
Demonsul? Smushed it together one day. It's grown into a character all of it's own.
My usual username "Red Chameleon" is just something I thought of by using my favourite colour and creature together. =P

Although the one I'm currently using is not something original. Ran Yakumo's a character from the Touhou series (who first appeared in Perfect Cherry Blossom) and she's a kitsune. =3
Raibys...just like Lymia, Nhimor, and Aeiouna, and other Zoincailla characters I made, I usually create the names by just putting syllables together that sound both interesting and cool. Raibys is one of my oldest characters, (I made him almost 5 years ago!) and is basically the one who I can identify with the most. Therefore, he's basically become something of a representation of me.

I chose "icebox" because we have SMWC in a strange tradition of members whose name starts with "Ice", so I decided to get that wave.