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Zack & Wiki

This is probably one of the best Wii games out so far, and yet it looks like it's going to be a sleeper. :( Does anybody else have it too? Heh, I loved the puzzle where you had to put the mushroom in the soup to make the guys fall asleep.
Yeah, I have it. I'm glad someone else has it and likes it. Personally, I love the second boss, with lots of different variables (not going to spoil them). I also like the various death scenes; I hope someone will make a movie with all of them, they're really that good.

If you beat the game (which I didn't; third world), then find these scrolls from Maddy and go back to the old levels to find new treasure. I can give you examples if you want.

Oh, and hi everybody, it's my first post in the new forum.
Ooh, forgot we can't have Backloggery images anymore.
Welcome! Hope you like it here! Yeah, I just got it today and did all the levels in the first world except for the boss. It's funny how Zack falls into the treasure chest and all that. The game just feels really high quality, not shovelware. *coughninjabreadmancough*
Hmmm... I've never even heard of this game. O_o Maybe its because I don't watch enough TV to see commercials.
You know, Boing, I don't think I've even seen a commercial for this yet either. I just got it because of all the hype at Gamefaqs and because it's a good puzzle game.

Hey, Supertails, have you done the Bonelich music minigame yet in Flute of the Growlin Goblins and Fountain Guardian? If you haven't, ring the bell around these skulls in the ground to summon him. You can get new treasure maps from him to give to, uh, Maddy, I think, so that he can go get you more treasure. One of them even gives you a 10% discount on his future treasure hunts!

Oh, and don't you think that the game looks like Zelda: the Wind Waker, what with the pirates, the cute graphics and the way he holds up treasure, opens chests and destroys pots and rocks everywhere?
Ooh, forgot we can't have Backloggery images anymore.