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Originally posted by DreamlandProductions
oh ok well the other guy told me different then that sorry simple bag
level 14 and 3 do have * that and they are blank and enterable to overworld so stop saying I cant use those because I can I want to use 14 and 3

No the other guy said take one enterable from the overworld and one that isn't.
You need one enterable by the overworld and one that isn't.
You would know that if you just took the time to read the goddamn first page. fuck >:(
Hello! Long time lurker here. I'd like to come out of hiding and contribute Level 130 and Level 45, if that'd be okay.
Originally posted by phenolatukas

Since I have allmost finished the goast house, (just a few bugs in the gameplay) I will have:




Just notised that aqualatiku took 11B before me, But my name is on it. I guess im changing to, Wait there is no more catsles in the last few worlds...

So unless Pikaguy pulls a few strings and the ocean world (so meany levels but only one catsle type one) gets a fortress on a spare level then i have wasted my time...

Only thing is 124 looks like the only level you could change...

Not that he will but its worth a try.
Originally posted by DreamlandProductions
level 14 and 3 do have * that and they are blank and enterable to overworld so stop saying I cant use those because I can I want to use 14 and 3

Ugh. ALWAYS READ THE RULES. Take ONE level that is able to be entered from the overworld. Take ONE MORE level that CAN'T be entered from the overworld as a secondary level. Next time, you MUST read the rules so you don't look like a clueless user, and so you can properly act as a GOOD LEADER for your team hack.

Originally posted by Pikaguy900
Plus, STOP GRABBING LEVELS MEANT FOR THE OVERWORLD FOR USE AS SECONDARY LEVELS! They're marked as "overworld" levels for a reason! If you try to do that sort of thing, I will NOT accept what you chose. Period.

Here's the part you should read on the front page.
I've noticed that some people have multiple "enterable from overworld" levels. If no one else wants them by the time I'm done with 130 and 45, I'd like to take Level 128 and Level 44 as well, if that'd be all right.

EDIT: I've finished 130 and 45, so I'll be taking 128 and 44 as I promised.
Originally posted by Fakescaper
I'd like this overworld-enter level.

*level 14:

And these two sublevels
level 90:
level 91:

The VIPs were a collab too?

edit: I said I wanted 24 but changed it to 14 because I think I just remembered how 24 is that chocolate island level that takes you to different exits depending on coin amt/score/time.

I already asked for this but no one said anything. To we get notified if we are accepted to work on the level or do we have to keep checking if they added our name to the list yet...
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I would like level 12A from the OW.
Is it okay if I have a level from an older coop hack that never really got anywhere?
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Can I take level 11C from the overworld and AB (or any test level) to be the secret exit? Thanks

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If nobody has taken it (I don't know what DreamlandProductions has got dibs on), I'd like levels 3* and 40 please.
Originally posted by UltiMario
Ahh, I would like to request 109* and 179 as a secondary.

Hmm. Lets see what I can do with the few things at hand.

109 is taken, but I'm giving you 179 still.

YoshiNextGen: As long as the level is good, then no problem. Also that level is taken sorry. =(

Anyway I updated the list up to this post. Here's the 6-09-09 ROM.
Thanks for updating the list ^^
Level 17 and 35.

I was an idiot to want to quit this, I'll be sure to make a great level! ^~^
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I'll take level 20 with sublevels 61 and 62, one of which will be level 20's secret exit
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I will do Lv.135. Plus since it's in the special world is there a specific type of level?(Example: Water, Mountian, Sky, ECT.)
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Level C8*... I guess, I'm not sure. =\

Mario in Mainland will be in the next C3.
I will take level 17 too!

EDIT: Can I have 1c instead 17 has been taken

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i want 138* ,1D*, E9 ,EF,F0 and 1E0
is that ok?
edit: if i cant take 2 or 1D, id take 138*, E9 and 1E0
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That is a lot of level skedar :O just take one sub-level for each *level, unless you absolutely need 2 for each.
Seems like i forgot to reserve secondary levels. >_>

70-76 for me.
And yes, im making long levels.
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