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Signups - Subevels (over)

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Main: Level 12E
Secondary: Level 13E
I would like level 18, please.
Also, i would like levels 1FE and 1FF as sub-levels.
Also, pikaguy, props on making the overworld. It's phenomenal. :)
EDIT: Also, i would like to know about Hailstorms question below. I love building boss battles. :)
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Say, if I happen to choose a castle level, would I be able to build the boss battle, too? Or will the bosses have to be discussed?
Originally posted by Froslass
I'd like to pick level F (OW) and Level AB and AC (sublevels) for a castle level.

If I am allowed to make the level and take 2 sublevels.

You are, but why a castle level? Level F is the Yellow Switch Palace, not a castle or fortress. guys need to check the overworld more. That's why I gave you the IPS for the hack. I'm not just going to list what world each level is in or how many exits they have- you can find out all this yourself. Hey, you don't want me doing EVERYTHING for you, do ya? :p If you want to make a level of a certain theme, find out what levels are IN that theme before deciding on a level number! Simple as that.

In other news, I'll TRY to keep this thread updated regularly, but it gets annoying to do so with how quickly you guys post your claims and how much Firefox wants to lag on my stupid, outdated laptop. :(

Hailstorm: Oh, no idea! Probably discussed, but one thing: Forts will most likely have REZNOR. Yay for Reznor! =D Oh, speaking of Reznor, start thinking up ideas for a good way to make the battle even harder or different. ;)
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Level 22...if its an ice level. I cant be sure, because of the colors. If I can't do that, I'd like 105. Probably taken, but still.

Give me a Grassland level. Vanilla Ice killed my motivation for an Ice stage. Seriously. I don't care what it is, as long as its not a castle. D:
I have a quick question -
There are several custom blocks being used in level 1D. Are we able to use those? I actually used them in my level and i dont want to have to re-work my level if we cant :/
EDIT: Could i use level 1FD also? Sorry for asking for three, but i kinda just tend to need a couple extra levels because mine are somewhat vast. :P
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
I can has level 12E please? Also, I'll take a secondary level 14E.
I wanted a big level and all, but eh...

I request level 100, 102*, 103*
Can I have:

*level 102
level FD
level FE
I would like to submit a bonus level, who can be used by everyone in their own levels.

It's a empty room with sprite 45 on the floor and a "Display Level Message 1" sprite. This message explains to the player the purpose of the room : He must guide the "Coin Snake" trought the room without making him touch the wall. More time it last and more space it fill (with coins) on the rooms, more the reward is greater, because the player can collect the coins it made appears ! After that, he exits
to the normal level via the side of the room.

It comes with 3 versions : Easy, Medium and Hard.

Interested ? Want to include it in your level ? Download the .mwl here :
Give credit for the idea, please, that would be nice !

PS 1 : The teleport block on the left isn't present yet.
PS 2 : Edit the message to explain the game to the player.

Thank you if you use it in your level ! =D
I would like level 106, please...
<-- this is the dope on dope
Can I have levels 4* and 16*?
Your layout has been removed.
I would like to take Levels 19, 1A, and 1B
19 for main level, 1A and 1B for sublevels and stuff.
If I may, I will make a desert level.

My first attempt at porting!

All of you, stop. Just...stop claiming levels. Just stop.

It seems that I now have to give you all your common sense because you guys won't look at the ROM I gave you. Therefore, I now have to hold your hand and give you a picture of the OW showing you EXACTLY what goes where. Good going, guys. Good going.

Thread will be locked until I get the picture ready.

EDIT: This means that those of you who claimed levels and stated you were going to make a specific kind must STOP NOW if you already started- that's NOT how these signups work. You have to look at the OW BEFORE choosing a level, because I already placed every single level on the OW and set up events and stuff. Sorry, but that's how it's going to be.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I'd like to apologize for the additude I just gave you guys. I'm sorry, I'm just greatly annoyed at how hard it's going to be to keep these Signup threads correctly updated because my laptop is in such bad shape these days, it lags when Firefox is just plain OPEN. It's worse for SMWC. Man, I can't WAIT for this Christmas...

Again, I greatly apologize for my attitude.

EDIT: You may grab levels again. And uh... I'll update the list in the first post eventually. Lagging computer is bad for updating these threads.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I would like level 120 as a main map level.
and levels 3E and 3F as sublevels.
Is this okay?
Yes, of course! I've added you to the .txt list.

Speaking of the list, I've added everyone up to Kuribo_Shoe to the list in the first post. However, some of you didn't get everything you asked for...

1: I don't give you levels based on their areas. You decide yourself the level NUMBERS.
2: Don't ask for levels that can be entered from the overworld so you can use them as secondary exits. Okay? That not only ruins my overworld, it also makes it so others can't make as many levels. So, levels marked with a * on the list can ONLY be used for main levels.
3: Don't ask for Levels 0, 100, or 104. Especially 100. Until I find out whether or not LM's new exit-handling code affects the bonus game level warp, too, I will not let anyone have Level 100. As for 104, I'm going to think about that for a while.

Now, a few words:

A: I've added maps of the OW to the first post, but I'm not going to update the ROM yet. Consult the maps often when figuring out things for your levels!!
B: The area in the bottom-right corner of the map is meant to be a forest or jungle. Please keep this in mind when making levels there!
C: You're meant to be able to walk off the Green Switch Palace after clearing it.
D: The level after the World 5 castle is supposed to be a climb down the castle and should end at the start of World 6, in the desert! ...well, that was FirePhoenix's plan. I wonder if I should save it for him, do it myself, or let someone else do it?
E: Keep track of what everyone's taking! Make sure you KNOW a level is open before you try to take it! I can't update this thread every time someone takes a level. Too laggy. :(

Uhh... I can't remember if there's anything else I wanted to say... Oh wait, yeah!

F: Level 1A is considered to be in World 7, so make sure it's that difficulty! also try to make it hard to clear Level 6 pleasepleaseplease

I'll let you guys know of anything else if I think of it...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I think I'll about 120, D, and 19 for overworld levels, and levels 53 through 57 for sublevels.

Edit: Aw, 120 already got taken. All right, how about 101 or 128?

Edit2: Okay...replace D with 123.

So, make that 123, 11E, and 101 23.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Umm, just checked the updated list.

I belive I asked for level 102, someone elses name is there so....

(If he asked first though, thats ok - I will choose another level later.
Ellipsis asked first apparantly, he posted RIGHT before you did :o
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