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Signups - Subevels (over)

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How about...

* Level 108
Level D0

* Level 22
Level D1
15 29 and 2A Please.

My first attempt at porting!

does this hack have a theme. or can it be KAIZO hard? can it be random? ill take one of the last levels if that's wat i have to do to make a hard level.
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Well, no things like floating munchers, not Kaizo hard, and if your level sucks its not going to be in the hack. :P
You have to look at the overworld for the level's theme.
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I'd like to claim levels 136 and 22, as well as 29, 2A, and 2B for sublevels in the two.
Bah, I didn't see YCZ's post; I'll take over level A, I guess.
You know what, I'll also take 14, 31, and 32.
I'd like level 6, please.
Also, is this organized into: You have to make this specific type of level? Or can we make it freely?

Oh, and I'd also like level 7.
Your layout has been removed.
I would like to have level 129 and sublevels 48 and 49.
Cancel my level signups, but I'm not on a PC at the moment, so don't know which levels are which. I would like to request claiming two island/beach levels. Please?

Oh, and could someone tell me what they were? Thanks.

And I'd be able to work on them soon. Like, latest this weekend.
Your layout has been removed.
Thanks. I think I'll have 6 and 7 if I can have them be not forest levels and if that's okay. Also, is 12A a beach level? If so, I'll have that instead of either 6 or 7 since I want a beach level.
If they have to be forest levels, that's fine, but I'll also need level 10F.

Also, do we get to name our levels?

Sorry I'm such a pain to deal with.
Your layout has been removed.
I would love to contribute to this. I would do level 5. It would be a castle level, according to the ow. I'll take level 31 and 1F9.

Thanks in advance! I'll put all of my effort into this level!
Your layout has been removed.
I would like to sign up for:

Main Level - Level 131
Secondary Levels - Level 1F0 and Level 1F1

Thanks in advance.

And may I ask what the third submap's theme is? It seems like it might be a cave, but I sincerely don't know.
Your layout has been removed.
Well thats anoying... I guess I wasted all my time making thet level ect...

Oh well Im going to swap 102 with 10E - No point in wasting my work on a ghost house so far, and I have a awsome idea for a rooftop boss.
*hopes no-one took them
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Level: Level 107
Sub Level: 114
Sub Level 2: A0
Level 111 and sub-levels 32 and 33.
For some reason my first request for level 106 was ignored :\

Since that's the case, I'll take Level 10A and Level 52.
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