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Signups - Subevels (over)

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Yes but switch palaces are generally some of the more unique levels in SMW hacks, I just think it would be unfair to everyone else to claim all of them for yourself. And as for the similar parts you mentioned, that's good and all, but it would also be nice to see what four different users can come up with for the four different switch palaces. Feel free to do one right now and maybe if no one else claims one after some time, you can do a second.
Very well, I will start with just the Yellow Switch Palace and see how things go from there.

Level F (OW) and Level A1 (secondary)

Updates PLEASE?

My level is slowly being put together.
I kinda like it so far.
aran - Graces of Heaven
I have not began working on level A yet, because I need to make sure that no one else before me already claimed it; so sorry if I might be asking for a little much, but can someone update the list, please?
I suppose 127 is off limits?

Anyway, I'll just take 11A, I guess. I think i understand how this hack works... but if I don't, and never get to my part, feel free to have somebody else do it.
I'd like level 10C please and level 1CB for it's sub level. (I have an Ice themed level with a secret goalpost in it)
EDIT:My Ice level is pretty much finished, so I'd like to have 122 if I'm allowed (I've always wanted to try a haunted house level) and possibly F8 and F9?
I'll take level 2. And I'll have 25 and 26 as secondary levels.
I think ill make another level :)
I would like level 10, with levels 31 as my secondary level. That should do it.
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I think when someone finishes a level you should say so next to their level number, so that we can keep track of things.
I'd like dibs on (overoworld) level 122. I believe the theme is like a deseerted shipwreck? and sublevels.....wait, hey, kirbybeatsbomberman if you don't want level 122 I'll take it. please PM if so. sorry didn't know you wanted it.
Fortress Fun: done
Muncher Fields: 25 percent

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Can I take 117 and 157? I have now first part.

First Screenshot
Second Screenshot

Note: 2 screenshots, because I am too lazy to mix them.
Originally posted by Floating muncher

Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
10F Please :)

Can we make our own palettes?
Originally posted by sky_blue_wiggler
10F Please :)

Can we make our own palettes?

Of course! Enabling custom palettes allows the palette to be saved to the level.

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Okay, list updated. If you people continue to yell for me to update it, I will STOP updating it, okay? I don't need you guys thinking I'm lazy or anything. Also, start reading EVERYTHING on the first post AND the whole thread, okay guys?

Now, if you don't have a level on the list, these are why:

-You may have tried to claim a level that someone else claimed before you. This is why you must NOT rely SOLELY on the list.

-You tried to take a few main levels to use them for SECONDARY levels. This severely hurts the project, as that means LESS people get to make levels. PLEASE be considerate!

Also, this message is for you, kirbyeatsbomberman: Stop making that level. Spud Alpha had already claimed it, so I'm invalidating your choices. I'm sorry, but you should've read the thread before trying to make the level.

This more than ever shows why some people may have doubts for this project getting anywhere- I can't be here 24/7, and you guys are relying on either the list and ONLY the list, or your own minds, not even READING the first post. PLEASE, PLEASE start reading the whole thread! This thing isn't going to go ANYWHERE if you guys keep trying to take each others' levels thinking they're open because I don't constantly update the list in this thread!!
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I want to go ahead and claim level 2C as well, since someone had already claimed one of the secondary levels I wanted.
yeah I'll get sublevels E0 and E1 too.
Fortress Fun: done
Muncher Fields: 25 percent

"God created idiots. that was for practice. the he made school boards." -mark twain

"lunar magic is the best thing since indoor plumbing and the automatic smwimsuit dryer"
In order to help pikaguy900 to not lose his sanity further, I'll be helping update the first post from now on, so feel free to direct any nagging towards me instead.*

*Do so at your own risk.
Sorry for nagging you before pikaguy. And thanks for fixing the level claiming incident.

Also, thanks for deciding to do that, FirePheonix.
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