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Poll : Favourite Mario Character?

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Who is your favourite Mario character, from this choice?

-Baby Mario
-Baby Luigi
-DK (He is considered a "Mario" character despite him hardly in mario games).

I'm going with Yoshi ^_-

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Yoshi has always been my favorite growing up!

In some game he’s the main bad guy. But in others he’s the comic relief. Bowser has always been my favorite for some reason.
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Why do so many people have Yoshi as their favorite character?

(Read: Yoshi is my favorite too :P. He's just pure awesome.)
Yoshi, definately. But Rosalina was the hottest Mario character ever.
Yoshi is definatly my favorite mario character, hence my avitar. Yoshi definatly needs his own 3d platformer like on mario 64 ds.
Yoshi is pure win. It's just awesome how he is an adorable, yet powerful creature. ^_^
Luigi is my second fav.
Wow, every person from this thread likes yoshi as a favorite character except 1 person.:)
You forgot Hammer Bros. I would pick him, but as you have given me no choice, Yoshi. >:o
What is it with people obsessing over Luigi and Yoshi?

Anyway, out of that list, I'd probably say... uh... Rosalina... The rest of them don't really have that much character anyway...
fuck yeah meowingtons
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I'll probably go with Rosalina as well, since she actually has some backstory compared to most Mario characters.

In terms of abilities and things, I do like Yoshi though.
Yeah Hammer Bros. are awesome.

Out of those ones though, gonna have to go with Mario. I know.

I like Boon from the VIPs. Just sayin'
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Mario is my most fav. and Yoshi is my sec.
She has good....Features ??????
Shy Guys, they are awesome.
Mario is my favorite character.

but indeed Rosalina does have some good...
Originally posted by Calvin
Features ??????
Yoshi. Even though i may not use him in the hack im working on, he will still be my favorite.
Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.

Luigi is the best.
Originally posted by reghrhre
Mario is my favorite character.

(Also, Luigi sucks.)
And maybe Wario for a second, if he counts.
Edit: Magic post count number! :O
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