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Favorite DKC
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hey guys ;D
what is your favorite donkey kong country ;D?

Hmmm. toughie. again. I would say, donkey kong country 2. I havent played it in a while, but its my favorite.

Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.

Gotta go with DKC2, yo.
It's got awesome levels and soundtrack.
For some reason I would choose the original Donkey Kong. I played it many times when I was a kid, and still like the game today. For me Donkey Kong Country, hands down.

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Yeah, definitely a tough question since I have enjoyed all three. I would have to go with two as it has an awesome soundtrack and a great theme.

Originally posted by Bowser_Kefka
Gotta go with DKC2, yo.
It's got awesome levels and soundtrack.
My faveorite is 2.
I grew up with 1, and bought 2 and 3 on
2 just feels so much different than the other 2.

Mario the Gaul
My favorite is 3. Not sure why, but it is. It's just such a fun game that I love to play it over and over...even though there's levels, like Lightning Lookout, that I absolutely can't stand to play AT ALL... Eh. I still like the other two a lot, just not as much as 3. (Also, the normal ending at the photo album when Baron K. Roolstein tries to get his picture taken is hilarious. ^_^)

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
2 is the best ;D

If you ever use ;D again, I swear I will come to your house and slash your fingers off, one by one.

Also, DKC3 was the best IMO. It had the most unique gimmicks and such, despite Kiddy being an utterly useless and random character. Rocket Run <3.

(DKC2 has better music, though.)
DKC3 is a fine game if you don't consider Razor Ridge as part of the game.

I had to think a bit to determine which worlds the other two would be better off without. For reference, those worlds would be Gorilla Glacier for DKC1 and Gloomy Gulch for DKC2, even though both of those worlds are far more bearable than Razor Ridge.

DKC1 is just easier to play, though. You don't have to worry about bonuses and shit like you do in 2 and 3. So I vote for that.
I love all DKCs, however, give my preference to 2, because I always thought it more challenging.
Originally posted by Tatrion
DKC3 is a fine game if you don't consider Razor Ridge as part of the game.

What do you hate so much about Razor Ridge? With the exception of that stupid dark underwater level, it was a pretty cool world with some pretty nice levels (especially the cliff one in that world). The chairlifts were a nice gimmick too.
I find every level of that world utterly repugnant. Sorry... it's just my opinion.

Buzzer Barrage: First experience with those green flying kremlings that are so hard to deal with, repetitive "drop the barrel between the gap" puzzles.

Kong-Fused Cliffs: Autoscroll. On a rope. You can't even move in variable directions, your path is just fixed on the rope. This is the worst gimmick to an autoscrolling level ever.

Floodlit Fish: The worst level in the entire game.

Pot Hole Panic: Invincible purple kremling barrels that throw bombs at you from off-screen, resulting in loads of cheap hits. To be fair, I like the idea of switching off between your animal buddies a lot. Probably the most fun level in this world, as it's about as playable as the average level in one of the other worlds.

Ropey Rumpus: Oh, please no, not more ropes in the cliffs. At least this one's not autoscrolling, but just... bah! These rope levels are awful. Climbing on a rope takes away all your methods to defend yourself, leaving you totally vulnerable on a fixed X or Y position on the rope. Dropping down to dodge leads to doing either a huge chunk of the level again or death, so jumping over things is the only option, as opposed to all your normal options you have from just having your feet on the ground...

That's my reasoning, anyway. On the whole, I found DKC3's level design somewhat lacking compared to 2 and 1, but, on the grand scale of things, that still really makes it at LEAST an average game, and it usually manages to be above average. I just... really, really dislike Razor Ridge, and doing most of the levels in Kaos Kore right after doesn't help much.
DKC2. It's just so awesome!

I want a DKC4!!
1. DKC2
2. DKC3
3. DKC1

I like DKC2 the best, because of the gameplay. It just had some interesting gimmicks, and an overall enjoyable difficulty, along with an awesome soundtrack. There was nothing I really hated, maybe except some levels like Glimmers Galeon. Rickety Race is propably one of my favourite levels in the game, isn't it awesome chasing kremlings on a rollercoaster?

DKC3 had far more gimmicks, but some were just stupid and tedious to play. The bosses were propably one of the things I hated the most about the game, I know, most were pretty creative, but I still hated them. This game was defenitly challening, after world 1 the levels got much harder and often took me really long and many lives to complete.
Still, its good, and deserves place 2.

Of course, DKC was the first in the series, but it just felt a little boring to me. And maybe a little too short. Overall, not bad, it had some good levels, and some frustrating ones like the Ice level with the barrels, or the treehouse levels (which have really cool music), but I really liked the cave levels. Most of them were pretty cool, and I just love the music. Cave Dweller Concert <3

Its not bad either, its just not as outstanding as the others.

I still love all 3 games, and I'd love to see a DKC4 :<

DKC and DKC2 were great games. DKC had a more natural ambiance, while DKC2 had a gloomier ambiance with more fantasy elements.

DKC3 was just not very good, or at least garbage compared to DKC and DKC2. The things I hated the most were:

-The oversaturated colors
-Not being able to play as Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong
-Low G Labrynth
-Every level in Razor Ridge (except for Floodlit Fish (Kong-Fused Cliffs was a shitty level)
-The removal of Rambi
-The inclusion of Ellie (the elephant)
-Low G Labrynth
-Those annoying banana bird caves
-Low G Labrynth

There were a lot of things about DKC3 I found somewhat frustrating. It seemed like Donkey Kong really should've returned in this one, and I found Kiddy Kong very annoying. It's odd that of all the Donkey Kong Country games, he's only playable in the first one.

My favorite would have to go to DKC2, mainly because of its gloomier atmosphere, tons of collectables, and best music out of the bunch. (Disco Train <3) The original DKC was a little light on goodies to collect, and didn't feature a Lost World, but overall had a really nice atmosphere to it.
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