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E Coli Pizza,2933,307436,00.html

The best part is that I was reading this 5 minutes after I ate a whole pizza. My mom was reading the article, joking about it until she realized that the pizza I ate was the one being recalled. Good thing my dad's a doctor, so he can get me some medicine if it turns out I got infected.

Anyone else got an "Oh crap!" moment like this?
Eh, I guess I'll do one of my school oh crap HWs.

So, we were doing this paper that only was for classwork. So i finished it and was bored, so i drew all over my paper, and i mean ALL over it. So finally, my teacher says, "This will count as a test grade! Hand it in!" I got a 50... half credit for doodling... lol
Just back here to browse a bit.

E Coli Pizza! thats scary O_O
Kawaii !!

Kidney failure? Ah, at least it isn't kidney "fail-and-gay"ure.
All of those times that I forgot about homework or projects, and remembered an hour before bedtime.
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Speaking of E. Coli, after watching a video about it in Consumer Science, my friend and i vowed never to eat beef again. It was really depressing.

well w/e i like what i eat, if it kills me, at least i died doing something i liked :)
chuz i love to eat XD!!
Kawaii !!

Actually, I once ate one of those microwave-able pizzas (the little mini ones) without knowing it actually had a thick, thick layer of mold on the bottom. Seriously, I got through over half of it before I noticed. I didn't get sick either, but I threw up afterwards and ended up getting a month's supply of free pizzas from the same brand (like I really would trust them after that >_>)
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Actually, I once ate one of those microwave-able pizzas (the little mini ones) without knowing it actually had a thick, thick layer of mold on the bottom.

This always happens to me with my sandwiches for school...
Not really an oh crap moment, but on the topic of food. My parents got us McDonalds once and my sandwich had a huge bite through it. My dad told me that he once returned a burger he took a bite out of because they gave him the wrong one, and they put it back on the shelf with the other burgers, ready to serve.
So they put a bitten burger on the shelf?!? McDonalds - fail
Just back here to browse a bit.
One time, I was at a restaurant and there was a bug in my tea. Luckily, I caught it while stirring Sweet-n-Low into it.

So many thinks like that get messed up nowadays.
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On the topic of Totino's, I as eating those mega sized pizza rolls when my dad came in and mentioned the e-coli. I hope it was just in the rolls and not the rolls. Then again, I had to take a big shit later that day.... maybe a small sode-effect.
Oh yea, I had a moment like that.
It was when I went and did five hours of
HAT extra credit, when I was done, I
remembered that HAT doesn't accept
extra credit. Threw it away.
First spinach, now PIZZA!?!? :'(
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I remember Ecoli is bacteria that is in the intestine.
Yeah, and it is usually found in meats because when they are cutting off parts, they might nick the inestines and e. Coli will scatter. It gets more complicated than that, but, whatever.