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What languages would you like to learn? Mine would be Russian and Japanese.
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japanese, Russian, and German.
I know a little japanese, but I'd like to learn more about it.
Of course Japanese. But I also want to learn French and Russian.
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Japanese, Latin, Russian...

Why do you people want to learn Russian too?!

I once tried to sign up for a Latin class, but it got cancelled due to lack of participants...

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Japenese, obviously. And mabye Latin, because it is a base for most languages.
Russian, Greek and Spanish.
I suppose I should try and finish learning Lojban. Maybe pick up Russian if I could.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
It's no question that everyone on smwcentral shares the same desire to learn Japanese (Excluding those who already know it.).
I'm very literate in German and somewhat in Spanish... I'd like to learn Latin, then Russian.
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Originally posted by YoshiNextGen
What languages would you like to learn? Mine would be Russian and Japenese.

If you're going to learn Japanese, you first have to learn how to spell it! *runs*

Well, I would join the bandwagon and go for Japanese also. As I already know some Spanish and French, I could probably also learn some German.
Japanese and Spanish would be nice to learn~ :D
I know Spanish and English, and I'd like to know Japanese and German.
I would like to learn French and eventually Japanese.
I am fluent enough in French and semi-fluent in Latin (loldeadlanguage) already .. though if I had to choose a couple of languages to learn, I would probably say German and an Oriental language. German has always intrigued me for whatever reason, as stuff seems to sound cooler when you are speaking it. As for the Oriental language .. I could not say specifically which one I would want to learn, though I think Mandarin Chinese is pretty neat.

I would attempt to learn Japanese, but that would probably lead to some rather .. bad habits.
SNN, 悪い習慣を作成する日本語の学習は何でしょうか?
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Chinese, japanese, French, and german. I think i really might need to know these languages in my later life.
Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.

Originally posted by Spud Alpha
SNN, 悪い習慣を作成する日本語の学習は何でしょうか?

I think it would have to do with the way they speak to each other. The japanese have different customs when it comes to conversation that are different from the english language. I think he means talking in japanese for a while would cause a bad habbit in terms of conversation in english.
Adam: そうそう、彼らは、奇妙な短いフレーズを、言葉のことわざがたくさんあるとは私たちには意味がある。私の日本語が悪い場合、また、ごめんね。
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Originally posted by Spud Alpha
Adam: そうそう、彼らは、奇妙な短いフレーズを、言葉のことわざがたくさんあるとは私たちには意味がある。私の日本語が悪い場合、また、ごめんね。

Yeah, it is pretty starnge, not only do they have sayings and short phrases, but they are also known to say certain words in english, and dont use thr r sound.
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