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Who is always on SMWC?

Who do you think is always on SMWC?
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I know i am!:):(
Just visiting...
I'm on alot, mostly because I have nothing better to do.
Im not on too much, I just forget to logout sometimes... Even when I am on, I don't post too much.
Chester's always on SMWC. He was such an awesome choice. Heck, he doesn't even sleep, just waits to help users in any way he can.
I'm on as much as I'm not on.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Originally posted by Supertails
Chester's always on SMWC. He was such an awesome choice. Heck, he doesn't even sleep, just waits to help users in any way he can.

How does he do it? Is he a machine?
This guy

Also, your username disappoints me rico.
I never, NEVER sign out, if that counts.
Your layout has been removed.
I'm basically on for 14 hours straight.


Yes, I know I'm bored and have no life. You don't have to tell me that D:
I'm pretty sure I go on at least 10 times a day; possibly even more than that.
Well, whenever I get a chance I am here. That used to translate to "all the time", but since school started that isn't quite the case. :|
I'm on quite a bit, just not when I have a tennis tournament, or hockey, or when I'm off to play some pingpong, yo.
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I'm usually on but if I am I'm only on for like 5-10 minutes
I used to be on all the time.

Then, I took Spade's Challenge, and I really haven't spent nearly as much time here since then. mostly on almost the whole day, since i have lots of free time :)
Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.

I am rarely on. It is actually my mother controlling this account.

...and here she comes with the bottle again. Time for my punishment!
Im on 24 hours of the day 10-13 hours of the day, I have nothing else to do so what the heck?

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I am on quite a lot of the time but sometimes just with this site open but not actually on this site for example this site in one tab then another site on a different tab and I'm looking at the other site for example.Free counters!
In the summer break I was here pretty much every day (not exactly every single day), but scholl is gonna start on monday for me again, and then I'll have more to do and less time to be here.