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ExGFX Help needed! (Check Requests)

Hi guys. I have a quite embarrasing favor to ask you. Could anyone help me build the backfround from THIS Exgfx? I managed to set up the "leaves" so far, but the trees are just way too hard to make proper. I noticed the author's account was disabled so therefore I wanted to ask you here instead for help instead of him. If you got some time to blow, would you kindly help me? or even better: send a "sample level" please? =)

id be happy to, i may not be well known, but i am good with ExGFX, i can build this pretty quickly.
Oh sweet! If you got the time, please try it out. Contact me if there is anything.
Seems like both of us are having problem building this. Could any other kind person help us build the background, please?
This is a request put it in the request section not in a seperate thead.