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Yoshi's Island 3 Name in Lunar Magic

Hey, Im a bit of a noob to Lunar Magic, and have sucessfully edited Yoshi's Island 1 and 2 stages but I dont know the level number for Yoshi's Island 3, could you guys tell me the level number?

YI3 is 103, YI4 is 102, Iggy's castle is 101, Yoshi's house is 104, and the yellow switch palace is 14.
Tip: Go to the OW editor and press F1 to see the numbers.
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Ok thanks :D

Oh, And one more question, how do i edit the second part of Iggy's Castle (The Auto-scroll bit)?
You go to Level 1FC
Just press the blue door so you can see every exit in the level.
Here comes slippy!

Ah ok, thanks guys =]