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If you could have Three wishes.......
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What would they be.....
1. You can't wish for more wishes...
2. You can only wish for one magic power [for example flying,walk on water,Super punch (you had to play GTA San Andreas to get that xD) or or shoot firballs or run really fast]
3. You can't make money wishes because everyone would use that and it would be a lame thread.....
4. They cant be about other people in a bad way.....

Me myself I'd wish for:
Perfect health hair and body......
Whatever clothes I wanted....
My last wish is that I could be a part of a band that actuallly want to play music and not be lazy about practice.....
I really did have 3 things in mind that I wanted, but...

Originally posted by Nickyxplosion
4. they have to be selfish they cant be about other people in a good or bad way.....

I don't see why it would have to be about ourselves. What if we wanted to make wishes to help others out instead of ourselves? =( Even if there are things about myself I would want different due to it ruining my life I would rather help someone else out than worry about myself.
k let me try
1. i wish i cud fly
2. i wish 4 infinite $$
3. i wish 4 moar wishes

Agreeing with Ran Yakumo, I wouldn't be selfish with my wishes.
The reason I did that is because people would say " I wish so and so were dead or dumb love wishes"

Toaster, Nickyxplosion, boozer, The Kid

I have many names :p
But can't you hold a rule where you can't do anything that's in any way rude to other people rather than have it as we can't wish for anything for other people?
Yea I edited the post for your sake xD
I just hope Mr.trolly pants dosen't get unbanned and find this thread it would be a disaster......

Toaster, Nickyxplosion, boozer, The Kid

I have many names :p
Okay, so now...

1. I wish all the friends I had had really great lives.
2. I wish everyone could be at peace with each other.
3. I wish that people would stop polluting the Earth.
I'd just wish the earth couldn't be polluted so we could pollute all we want and nothing would happen it would just dissapear......

Toaster, Nickyxplosion, boozer, The Kid

I have many names :p
Let's see, three wishes.

I wish for complete telekinesis.
I wish to not have to worry about hygene.
And I wish to lead a happy and interesting life by my own standards without any expectations.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
1.I wish I had a sandwich
2.I wish I could complete this post
3.I wish I wish upon a fish upon a dish for this wish

Lol, no.

1.I wish that I could know or understand anything that I seriously wanted to.
2.I wish that all war would stop
3.I wish that all of my friends succeeded in their life goals

When you use binary as a level, nobody knows what level you are! *laughs manically*

Okay, here's what i'd wish for
2) all the magic powers ever
3) for more money then bill gates
4) for that random dude across to street to die
I secretly wished for no rules

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
1) No War
2) Peace
3) For me and my friends to be successful in life.

Hm... Well, looking at your rules...

I wish to be able to summon birds to my side with my whistling ability.
I wish to invent a machine that will be able to teleport me into a video game (and back out).
I wish to rule the world, and yet still run a democratic style of world government (I would be the UN, etc.).

The last rule was just something random that I came up with, but the other two I would like. Also, with the last rule, I could technically eliminate the need for money or war, and there would be peace (that, and I could make everyone gather gold and diamonds for me).

Have a nice day.

Hello. Have a nice day.
Xray vision
Me to have my first **** badge or trophy
Best hacker ever!

Just visiting...
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Three wishes? I got a good ability to wish for.

1. I wish I had complete control over time. Why? Because if I could control time then I would control the world. I could have plenty of time to do what I want and if I make a mistake then I would go back and fix it. (Hundreds of times if I had to. :P) I would learn all I could learn by freezing time for X amount of years until I start getting lonely. And then go time travel for some fun.
However, if I could only freeze time then I would be happy.

2. I would wish for no rules nullifying your rules. to know everything I could about computers so I can brag to everyone about my 1337 skills. I would not have as many problems with my computer and I could be a game disigner.

3. I would also wish for infinite wishes because said rule doesn't exist. Then activate Gmode and wish for infinite number of items in my list. for that third wish to be put on hold until I find a better loophole to kill that guy who looked at me funny. I feel like it.

The rules for these are somewhat restrictive, but...

1. The ability to shape-shift any to any living or non-living form, as well as become an alteration of an already existing one. (for example, turning into myself with a different eye color)

2. The ability for every human being to have an equal opportunity at being successful in their lives.

3. The inability for anyone to lie.
Supertails and Soon™ stole my first and second ones. :(
1. To be able to transform into any real or fictional creature.
2. To know everything.
3. Too not maek typoss.
1. I wish I knew chaos control.
2. I wish I hade a full understanding of ASM.
3. A third wish that will help people in some way.

My software never has just develops random features.
Azure Chaotic SupporterChristianRomeo X Juliet FanFinal Fantasy XIII Fan
Hmm, let me think...

1) Peace in Earth
2) A better life to my friends & family
3) And a PSP, because the PlayStation I already have.

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1: I wish I could fly.

2: I wish I could turn into ANY character, fancharacter, or life form (and keep my human mind no matter what I turn into) (And get any powers the character might have)

3: I wish I was a master at hacking ( custom music, level design, ASM, etc.)

Those are the wishes that I would wish for. (I'm selfish, aren't I? XD)

EDIT: I forgot only ONE magic power. I lose the flight, and wish for I-NINJA 2 to come out.
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