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Hardest Boss?!
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The alien in Conker's Bad Fur Day N64.

Originally posted by Ryoga Hibiki
Originally posted by Yoshi Master
Well aside from that boss, I definitely think Grunty from Banjo Kazooie/Tooie is a complete bitch. Not impossible, but many controllers have been broken on this bitch. (Okay one, but it was a good controller.)

Actually, Grunty is a total cinch compared to the sheer terror of HAG1.
I don't even think it's even possible without and health upgrades or the breath upgrade you get from the goldfish. Especially the cyanide-mustard-something gas part, where the clock ticks on your breath bubbles, and with only about 4 of them, you better act fast.

So basically HAG1 on replay mode, with the lowest possible max amount of honey, bubbles, eggs, and feathers, is hard.

In the XBLA port of BT, you have to get a combined boss time of less than 15 minutes on replay mode to unlock the "Now Who's Boss" Stop N Swop II achievement. If you want to achieve this, you have to get a score of about five minutes or less for Hag 1.
that mushi... i dont know how to spell it because it's too long. the final boss of that bullet game that isnt easy at all... well.. that one! watch the one with much bullets on the screen!

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Does the I Wanna Be The Guy bosses count?

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Originally posted by Tama Yoshi
Does the I Wanna Be The Guy bosses count?

Sure, since that game is very hard.

When Yoshi dies too much, he'll come back to haunt you...

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Scarmiglione from FFIV. I can't beat him!
For me its the Radiant Winged One from tales of vesperia on Mystery mode

Like I said in a previous thread many months ago, The Giant Protopet from Ratchet and Clank 2, unless you have the RYNO II of course.
Mecha-Birdo from IWBTG. It took me about 139 tries to beat him. Mostly because of the shy-guys. When I first played, I thought Mike Tyson was hard. I was wrong. I stopped playing when I got to the Castle-Mania portion of the game.


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Star Ocean 2, universe mode, powered up version of the final boss.

This assumes you don't cheat and keep him locked down the entire fight with the Eternal Sphere/Angel Armbands.

I could barely beat him on the normal difficulty, with max stats and equipment.

EDIT: Heh, oh yeah, forgot about IWTBTG. The Guy took me 3 days to beat, and if the death count can be trusted, a little over 1000 deaths. (I don't trust it though; I think it took ~600 tries)

EDITEDIT: Velius (from FFT) should be mentioned. Again it assumes you don't cheat with something (in this case accumulate and yell), but the strategy guide that came with the game even stated it was the hardest battle in the game. Him and his minions can use 3 square radius attacks that hit for anywhere from 150-500 damage, and this is a point in the game where your highest health units don't often have more than 400.

Also, if we count rom hacks, this guy. He has 100% evasion rate, so any attack that can miss, will. He's immune to every status effect, and damaging attacks that can't miss will only do 1 damage. He can insta-crystallize your characters, has 999 health, and can heal himself to full whenever he wants.

Possible? Maybe. Chances? The greatest computer in the world couldn't display that many 0's.
Gotta be something from a Mega Man X game. Heck, half of those bosses are a pain in the butt even with their weaknesses. In the case of, for example, Gravity Beetle, if you haven't gotten any Heart Tanks or Sub-Tanks yet, you're pretty much hosed, Ray Splasher or not. Those energy balls are just about impossible to avoid entirely. I never made it to the final boss in Mega Man X2, so I don't know how hard he is, but I'd say Sigma from either Mega Man X 1 or 3 is the hardest.
-Mogenar in Prime 3 on Hypermode difficulty

-Commander Jabsco (leader of Tallon Company) in Fallout 3

-Marx Soul in Kirby Super Star Ultra

-Cletus in Dead Rising (Xbox360)

And many others I may have forgotten about.

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Sigma from MMX1 was really hard before I figured out you can use the... man I forgot the name. The pink egg shaped weapon from the beaver looking boss.

Anyway, before I knew you could use that, I was hitting his final form with fully charged x-buster attacks. 1 damage each. Best I ever did was 2 hp left on him.
Brutal mario final boss.
Out of the games final bosses (That I've played), I'd say Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl was the hardest.

Originally posted by NextGenPie
Brutal mario final boss.

You can't have played Brutal Mario to the end since it hasn't even been completed yet.

To me, the hardest boss is Galacta Knight (or whatever) in KSSU. He's not that hard in the Meta Knight story thing but good lord did he fuck me up in the boss rush.

Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
Oh yeah! I just remembered.

General Jingwei in Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

If you failed the speech test that would get him to commit suicide, you'd be chased by a ridiculously overpowered Chinese commander wielding a Shock Sword. And what makes it worse, if you use a weapon like the Combat Shotgun, you might accidentally hit your T-51b Power Armor troopers and would all go full commando on you.


CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
Bernardo final battle from High Seas Havoc.

This guy is still a pain to beat, because you have to dodge meteors, attack before another wave of meteors come, and to top it off, lightning bolts (normal) and Homing lightning (When he turns yellow). Hardest boss I have ever come across.
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