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Recommend me lesser known Weekly Shounen Jump.

Some of the older stuff. Something that not very many people seem to know about but are still pretty damn good. For instance Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

This isn't old, and I don't know if it's well-known or not, but ever since it started coming out I've been reading Bakuman. It's a story about some high school students that want to become manga artists, and their journey. It's also got one of the most interesting love plots I've ever seen (nothing cliche or stupid where one of the characters is too thick to consider the option.) I'd highly recommend it.
Nora! awesome manga!
Just visiting...
Yeah, I started reading Bakuman but I just couldn't get into it. Also, what makes Nora so interesting that you would recommend it to me?

I would suggest Black Cat.Its Epic.

It involves bounty hunting,Bio-weapons,and(from one guy) Gentlemanly behavior,and BAD LUCK.

AND death.Cant leave out the violence.
I recently bought Sakigake! Otokojuku. I haven't really started reading through it but I skimmed and it seemed very interesting. Also, I'm currently reading Midori no Makibaou which is also interesting. It's about horse racing of all things.

Anyone read "Stop! Hibari-kun!"?

It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl, only the girl is actually a cross dressing boy. I bought all the volumes awhile ago but still have yet to read them.