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Best anime ever


...Maybe I'll start by listing some good animes I watched.

My personal answer is being affected by a thing called nostalgity, and that doesn't necessarily mean I would've said otherwise if it wasn't a factor. Just wanted to say it...

I've watched some animes, but I'm sure many of you have watched a lot more and some of you much less. The first anime I ever watched (in 2007) Ragnarok the Animation (Well, not counting Duel Masters and Pokemon and such, as I didn't know they were animes at that time, although I didn't actually know Ragnarok was one too. But still) and when I'm thinking about it now, it wasnt so good an anime. But its opening causes nostalgity. And Baphomet was cool.

Love Hina, I think, was the second one. It was pretty kinky (as pretty much all other animes for at that time) and it was enjoying to watch. And its opening causes nostalgity.

I've lost the order by now, but other animes I watched after that were Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto... FMA was one of the better animes I saw, and its openings cause nostalgity, as well as Naruto's. Naruto was better when the characters were young, well, they are still young at Shippuuden, but not as young as they used to be.

After that, there were animes like Bleach, Soul Eater, single episodes from various animes like Chocotto Sister, Sumomo mo momo mo, Hayate the Combat Butler and such. They weren't so interesting to me, which probably was why I only wathed the first episodes. Soul Eater was one of the best animes I watched. Know why? Its characters were cute, funny and cool at the same time, the plot was kinda interesting although not as complicated like with FMA. The humor was also neat xP

Then I watched Code Geass, which holds THREE openings which I classify to the The Five Great Stars (although there are more than 5 of 'em). Its a thingy of mine to group together the best openings in anime. I won't be posting it here right now... but Code Geass was really awesome, it had cool techniques, cool characters, cool story, cool everything. Some idiots say it's a gay anime, but I think they're just making up things. I should maybe have waited a year or two to watch it, but no can do. This was one of the best animes I watched.

I also watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and I think it's the best anime ever. Well, for now atleast. There is no significant plot, but the weirdness and interesting ideas make up for that. Haruhi has that kinds of episode settings I consider cool and "different", like a murder on an isolated island. Okay, maybe that's a little old, but if it's in HARUHI, it's new(?). It also makes you think at times. When the second season started, first I didn't rush to watch it, but then I got interested, and the new episodes really caught my eye (and ear). The Endless Eight starts to get a little boring, but I guess they made it so that just when we thought it would really never end, it ends. Haruhi also has that kind of theme were a group of youths gets into reallife adventures and at night. Yes, night is a story fetish of mine. Kinda.

Well, I think that was my longest post ever. What is the Best Anime Ever for you? Remember to describe WHY it's the best, like I did.
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My Best Anime Ever...
Before I say it, Do Movies in the anime style count? (Ex: Ghibli films)

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I didn't finsh it yet but I feel death note is a good runner beacuse of its real life feel of what if the death note was real would it truely make the world a better place plus you never get tried of watching L and his odd way of doing things
Cowboy Bebop will always hold a special place in my heart.

I loved Death Note too, but I dunno if I'd call it the best.
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I do like Death Note and Hikaru No Go, since the guy who made them is very creative. I mean, he made an addicting series about a board game, so you gotta admit he has talent.
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Cardcaptor Sakura. It has everything Anime needs. Its cute, funny, depressing, actiony, and has funky monsters. And to top it all off its long so it'll last you a while. It even has two normal length movies you can watch afterwards. I would recommend this to anyone. I guarantee it that you'll lol, cry, and go on the edge of your seat at least once. Its something anyone can enjoy. ★★★★★
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For some reason, I've always been interested in school-based anime because it feels more realistic and I can relate to what happens sometimes.
For this reason, I've found that both Ouran High School Host Club is my pick for best anime and Lucky Star comes in 2nd.
For Ouran Host Club, I love the comedy that is added to everything as well as the times when things get really dramatic and I've been wondering what will happen next several times. I also love how the backgrounds of the hosts are explained in great detail and depth, which helped me gain a better understanding of all the characters.
For Lucky Star, I simply love how spontaneous everything is and how the comedy is very random and there's never any long-standing plotlines.
I liked Ouran High School Host Club, Inyushai, Bleach,and Naurto.

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Originally posted by ds777fighter

Originally posted by PhyscoKamek
I liked Ouran High School Host Club, Inyushai, Bleach,and Naurto.

Aww, not like that! Explain WHY it's the best, or why you liked it.

Yeah, I didn't mention Death Note myself, because I only read the manga. I gotta admit it's one of the best I've read. Lately I started to read Bakuman too, which is from the same mangakas. It rocks! Can't wait when it's made into an anime.
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  • Ive always been interested in Bleach, Yugioh (not the gx shit), Naruto, and Code Geass.
    Bleach mostly because theres alot of action
    Yugioh because of the brilliant idea of using cards to DUEL
    naruto because....for some odd reason i like ninja-type stuff
    and Code Geass because i like mech fights.

    my favorite manga is naruto cause...psh, its the only one ive ever read.

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    Originally posted by Fujiraza
    Ive always been interested in Bleach, Yugioh (not the gx shit), Naruto, and Code Geass.
    Bleach mostly because theres alot of action
    Yugioh because of the brilliant idea of using cards to DUEL
    naruto because....for some odd reason i like ninja-type stuff
    and Code Geass because i like mech fights.

    my favorite manga is naruto cause...psh, its the only one ive ever read.

    I highly recommend you to read more manga if you like it, although its pretty obvious anyway. If you like mechas, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a good anime too.
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    Favorite anime? Probably Clannad...

    Favorite Manga? Naruto and Shugo Chara

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    I like Gundam Wing(epic nostalgia for me)
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    Btw: I have no idea what the nice Japanese lady is singing about.

    And I always watched Dragonball Z. Might not be the best Anime out there, but I liked them :).
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    Best anime ever? That would be hard to choose. but my choice would have to be the one anime that made me think the most.

    And that would be Serial Experiments Lain. It was very...weird for lack of better term. It had a generally weird concept as well.

    Its about a young girl who knows nothing of computers and the wired (Internet), but a IM from a recent classmate that committed suicide saying she was IN the wired starts an evolution of sorts.

    She started working on her computer. The computer slowly took over her room. The computer symbolizes her maturity. This brings another thing very prevalent in the show. Symbolism.

    The show has many examples of symbolism which adds to the weirdness. It makes many who watched the show wonder..."What the fuck is going on here!" The basic concept of the show is not easy to explain, because it spoils many things.

    I encourage people to go watch it. It is very interesting and not too long. It is actually hosted on youtube by a user, but I forget his name.

    I've seen a few pages of the manga, but I can't say much about it, really. :|


    Link to first episode. Er...first part of the first episode.
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    Uh, Tactics, its epic then sad, and one of the only animes I have.

    Originally posted by >L<

    Do not agree. Yes, it had many surprises, a good storyline and WAS one of the better Animes I've seen, but in my opinion there are much better ones (and I'm not even just talking about my favourite Anime). Death Note had quite a few weakeness. For one I didn't like the ending much. For another one it got pretty boring somewhere in the middle.
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    Bomberman Jetters. Best anime ever. And funny. And has lots of explosions.

    Though it contains a lot of naughty words (at least 100 "BASTARD!"s). Well, at least Shirobon doesn't swear.
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