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Type your name with your elbows.

Link Thread Closed
Let me have a try.
ATTEMPT 1: jjariucoo0;2100. (That sucks)
2: mario ool`00 (better)
3.mjasgfrtkic vu]loloqwo99 (WTF??? 0_o)
4. mariocool1999 (There)
YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.


Slowly regaining interest in hacking

luigiPikaClaus, please pay attention to post dates next time so you don't bump threads more than one month old. Also, don't go digging for threads that are obviously old in case you accidently bump them.

Link Thread Closed