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Bleach fanclub - manga and anime discussion.

Here's a place to discuss the manga and animation of "Bleach".

Good that someone took the initiative to make this thread. Bleach is one of the most popular animes out there, so this thread is just meant to be.

Atm, I don't come up with anything to discuss, but I'll just mention that my favorite charater in Bleach is Nnoitra Jiruga. I'll check this thread later and see what people talk about:)

I don't like Bleach. It's too much of the typical shounen that has infinite filler episodes. I just want to see the plot resolved, damn it >_>

That said, I still think the female friend that travels around with the hero is hot. One word: Boobies
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I do enjoy the series, but the fact that there have been atleast 3 filler arcs from when they first arrived in Hueco Mundo til the current episodes is really getting on my nerves.

Filler I can tolerate when it comes between story arcs... as ungodly long as it was, the Bount arc was tolerable... But cutting away from the action right in the middle of the arc? Absolutly insane.

Nnoitra was a badass. That is all.

Edit: Post 600, THAT is all.
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I do genuinely enjoy the series - always have - but the neverending filler arcs and cliffhangers in the manga chapters are starting to wear my patience a bit thin. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do enjoy the storyline of the fillers, but cutting away right when the main storyline's picking up again?
Yeah, the fillers sometimes really suck (best example: the Bounto-arc) but for example the actual filler, Zanpakuto unknown tales (or something like that) are really good. Of course its mean to put this just before the real battle in karakura begins, but unfortunately the manga can't be produced as fast as the anime.
Well, some fillers suck. I admit that I actually became interested in bleach again thanks to Zanpakuto unknown tales. It makes me wonder who this antagonist once belonged to, and stuff. It's just... some filler with a mysterious plot which got me really interested.
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People that have problems with the fillers should read the manga like me. Anime, you get all these episodes that have nothing to do with the plot while the manga just continues going on with everything smoothly. It's one of the main reasons I prefer the manga over the anime.

Anyways, I'm currently on book 18. I don't know how far in it is in the anime, but I'm currently at the part where Rukia is about to be executed. It's awesome, though it seems to contain some perverted parts in it. Eh. I'm more than able to handle it.

If there's any character that's my favourite, it's Uryu Ishida. Dunno why, he's just my favourite of the characters. The book is quite interesting. I've been reading it for quite a while now. Too bad it's still in production and even the manga hasn't ended. :[
I like very much this is my favorite anime ulquiora:) I like this apart is the 4 *- sword or a bit ,..... and out'm creating a theme for the desert ExGFX Hueco Mundo xD I already did but I'm more or less after the climb to the section ExGFX
I actualy started reading the manga recently for this. I finished book 2 and I'm waiting on book 3 and more. The only real problem I have with it is how accustomed I am to reading left to right. I sometimes read panels too early and it sometimes causes confusion.
I recently started watching bleach a month back. I want season 9 to air in the us now. I tried watching with the English subs but it's not the same
If anyone hasn't been watching the latest episodes from the latest filler, they should. This is one epic filler season. So many plot twists and new stuff. o_o (Though in the begin it starts off slowly).
The filler is almost at the end already, there are like 3 more episodes to go. Now I seriously can't wait for the next episodes.

Also, I personally prefer English subs since English dubs sounds so... weird. Plus they're way behind.
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Bleach is my favorite anime so far, I love the story and how unexpected events apear, the battles are nice too.

I also like the fillers, the reason why most of you don't like them is because they are inserted in the middle of the story, but they're not bad...well most of them are not (I'm not talking about fillers like karakura riser that are extremly borring), but if you watch the filler after watching the main story maybe you will apreciate them more.

I guess the only part I don't like was the begining beafore byacuya first apears, because nothing realy happened there.
That zanpakuto filler is pretty good.
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Yes it is. However I can't wait for it to end so I can see how the real plot proceeds.
I heard that another filler is going to take place now. It's called "Beast Swords". ...Did they really have to do two fillers in one row? >_>
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Originally posted by Fakescaper
That zanpakuto filler is pretty good.

Yeah, it was good untill kouga died, the rest was weird.

Originally posted by Ersanio
I heard that another filler is going to take place now. It's called "Beast Swords". ...Did they really have to do two fillers in one row? >_>

Seriously? That's not cool...that filler has to be realy good or I will get mad.
I guess I could call myself a fan. To be honest, I'm not too far in the anime (episode 14) and I'm only on volume 7 of the manga. But that's only because I never got into this show until recently, and I don't have much money to spend on books.
Massive spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

The manga is getting really interesting to be honest. Aizen manages to master the hougyoku and in turn transfer into something more... hollow-like (black eyes, long hair). It somewhat resembles ichigo's 1st hollow form but without the white hollow 'armor' and all. Aizen also often gives Gin a distrusting glare at times which makes me wonder if something's going on between both of them. Well derp, they both made it to Soul Society Karakura Town. I'd laugh if some people in the living world destroy the 4 pillars to retrieve Karakura Town, so that Aizen has to travel to the real world again.

In the meanwhile Isshin is going to teach Ichigo a new Getsuga Tenshou ("The Final Getsuga Tenshou"). But that made me wonder, since the attack name includes "Final" does that mean Ichigo won't be able to use anymore Getsugas after he fires the Final one? I think that the Final Getsuga is somewhat related to Isshin losing his shinigami powers for 20 years or so. And why doesn't Zangetsu teach Ichigo instead? >_>

So yeah, those are my thoughts about the latest manga chapters so far.
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I like Bleach. My favorite is Ichigo. I watched 63 episodes.