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How's The Weather Over There?

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Here it's pretty cold with some showers, it's the first colder weather we've had in awhile.

What's the weather like where you live?
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Damn hot.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by SpikyRat
Damn hot.


Clear Skies, not a cloud in sight.
Well, it is very cloudy, and it is raining so hard around here. The power went out for like 2 seconds from now. :P
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It was raining yesterday. We finally have the shys a bit clearer!
Hopefully the skys will be clear for 8/27/09! Would be a shame to miss the big event!

Humid. That's it.
Gloomy. It'll probably rain tonight.
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It's hot and humid outside, and it's night.
Morning = wtfcold

After 12 pm = wtfhot

After 6 pm = wtfcold again
Humid here... all day... I usually don't run the A.C. in my car on the way to work in the morning, but today was an exception. I left work and had a severe thunderstorm chasing me. It was sunny and clear on one side and all black clouds on the other side. Luckily I didn't get rained on in my hour commute and it didn't catch up to me until three hours later. Still muggy now though even though the storm has passed...
It's actually been fairly comfortable lately. Around 70's-80's in terms of temperature, not too humid. It's surprisingly good August weather.
It's variable here in my city.

Day: Normal
Afternoon: A bit hot
Night: Cold, but there's not snow.

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lol it's raining now.
It's pretty heavy, actually.
Australia is a mix. There could be rain, harsh winds, and cold weather. Currently we are getting sub zero temperature. (By sub zero, I just mean really cold)

In summer however it can get pretty hot. Especially last summer....

Cloudy but nice and cool.
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Too hot...It takes you 10 minutes before you need to take a very cold shower. Its too hard to sleep...its that hot. So, im looking ahead for a very big storm...
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It was like, the PERFECT temperature to go out and play tennis, but by the time we wanted to go play, it was absolutely ,


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Originally posted by Tormentor2
Morning = wtfcold

After 12 pm = wtfhot

After 6 pm = wtfcold again

The same.
And the sky is without clouds, so it's great I think.
These days it usually is cloudy in the mornings, and then gets hot, hot, HOT!
here in the west of germany it's warm. but i think the next months will be all cold.
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