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I cannot get it to work. I patch MORE.asm, and I load the rom into SMWS. 0x098200 is free, and SMWS wants a free bank in PC address for a rom without the header, which is 200 bytes, so I type 098000. All is well. I type 70, Insert Bank, I select it, Save Bank, and do File, Save. However, the music seems to be missing parts of it, as though it did not work. Why?

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Um, maybe moving this to Advanced could help?

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Alright, moved on request.

If I recall correctly, I've always used addresses that end in 200, and it worked fine. I don't know if that's the cause of the problem, but maybe putting 098200 there will work.

Yes, just try 0x098200. Since SMWS needs only 1KB of data and there whould be around 8KB there you wouldn't have to fear any errors when not substracting the header from the adress. In fact I never considered the header when entering the adress and it always worked for me.
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It does not seem to work. Maybe it's that I'm using romi's addmusic, as this is the smw_hiath

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Are you setting the level to use the new bank in SMWS? You need to set each level individually to use the bank with samples inserted.
I'd use carol's addmusic. The tutorial I got on youtube said that it could only be done with carols addmusic, and it needs to be inserted with the command prompt. Anyways, here's the video.

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I didn't make this. Good luck ann chovy, I hope you get it to work.
Originally posted by Ann Chovy
It does not seem to work. Maybe it's that I'm using romi's addmusic, as this is the smw_hiath

Actually, I've noticed some very strange things about that smw_hiath bank. After I tried to insert it before, I noticed that instead of replacing existing samples like most sample banks do, it actually adds additional samples that can't be used with Romi's Addmusic. It apparently works with Carol's Addmusic. Though, I wouldn't recommend using that version because it can cause some strange looping errors with some songs.

Most other sample banks should work fine with Romi's Addmusic, though. I hope this cleared things up a bit.
That might explain why the other various sfx like jumping, coin collecting, ect. dont get messed up.
MORE.bin included in Carol's addmusic Ver1.22 is updated
and you can use "added" samples.

Update point

1.ADSR command $ED fix
BGM ADSRs no longer overlap SE ADSRs.

2.Tremolo command $E5 fix
There were some mistakes in SMW program
and $E5 didn't work correctly by default.

3.SRCN command $E5
$E5 $XX $YY
XX ----- $80 + SRCN (This $80 distinguish between SRCN and Tremolo)
YY ----- Pitch

When you use samples ripped from other game,
you have to adjust pitch.

$YY in $E5 Command --- 3,4 halftones by 1
h Command --- 1 halftone by 1
$EE $XX Command --- 1 halftone by $100
^ this is cool.

Just one thing though not many other people here use the 'official' terms so:

"SRCN" is the hex number you see in the 'Sample:' combo box in sample tool. It means you can use a previous untouched sample # so you don't have to worry about overwriting others. You can use any of the 64 the tool lets you insert and then just specify the # in your music file.
Very nice. An instruments pitch ($YY) wasn't possible to change without hex edits before, I don't think.

We're still limited by sample bank sizes though :| Unless the samples are really small, you can't add more than one or two in addition to the original SMW samples. I doubt it'll be an issue for many songs, though, since many samples aren't used in sound effects/pow music/star music/death music and hence can be deleted without worry.
Off the top of my head...I know distortion guitar and slap bass aren't used for sound effects and can be wiped without worry. Piano isn't either but default death music uses it. It's absolutely huge though and if you changed death music you'd free alot of space without it. Steel drums I don't think sound effects use that. I don't have a list handy and I don't feel like investigating any of that, I'm sure someone else already has.
I've posted a full list of the used/unused samples in a thread in the Basic forum, as well as what they correspond to, but that was about a month ago. I'd have to dig it up and stick the info in one of the two stickied threads, or something.

Also, great news on the $E5 command, homing.
Wait, the MORE.bin is included with carol's addmusic? DOH! I always wondered where to get it from.

Also you're saying it is just the updated MORE.bin you need, right? So basically I could get the MORE.bin from carol's addmusic and overwrite the MORE.bin from Romi's Addmusic, making me able to play smw_hiath correctly even when using Romi's Addmusic?
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
MORE.bin doesn't seem to be in carol's addmusic v1.22. And this is somewhat confusing. Do I use carol's addmusic to patch MORE.asm? Is there a certain order to do things? Can somebody guide me step by step to insert smw_hiath? I just want to try it out for myself, but I can't seem to get it to work...

I feel like a noob...

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You're trying this on clean roms, right? Carol's 1.22 most definitely EDIT: does not allow usage of ADSR commands and custom sample banks on a clean rom for me. I'm using junk roms to test music on (IE barely edited ones with only LM), with zero patches inserted.

@EDIT: Yeah, I messed up. I'm not sure where the updated version of Carol's MORE.bin can be found.
Yeah. Hm, maybe it's cause I'm inserting MORE.asm with romi's AddMusic. I doubt it though...

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