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The Eggs of Saear


EDIT: Moving checklist to here due to bio cleaning.

----- Demo 1 -----

-- Levels --

Current Level: Latcari Plateau - Boss Level
Completed Levels So Far: 8 Normal, 7 Hard
Levels Until Demo: 1 Boss, 1 Hard

-- News --

- Latcari Peninsula is finally complete! I should upload some screenshots or videos...
- Title screen is almost done. I just have to find out how to make it stop looping...
- Latcari Plateau Level 1 complete.
- New music! An overworld map theme, a night level overworld theme, and a Seal Tower theme. Nice.
- Latcari Plateau 2 complete. woo
- Inserted some custom blocks! This is something I've needed to get to for FOREVER. Huzzah!
- Changed the file select text.
- Swimming graphics are finished!
- Latcari Plateau 3 is finished! Now all I have left to do in terms of levels before the demo release are the special levels. Woohoo
- Latcari Peninsula Extra complete! Now I don't have to make any more actual levels until after the demo release! (well, except for the hard versions of the levels)
- Intro is done, unless I decide to add music. I probably won't considering how eager I am to release a demo.
- LunarYoshi joined the TEOS team!
- Rearranged some overworld graphics to make more space.
- Small Aden now can't carry items. Thanks Ladida!
- I finally learned how to use the VWF Cutscene tool! Jumpluff: YOU ARE THE BOMB
- Intro has been changed to a VWF Cutscene. And thus, there is room for more text than with the basic text box intro. That way, the plot can be explained better!

-- Checklist --

- Finish treasure chest block, make exit level (without ending) block, insert lantern block
- Finish Latcari Peninsula Extra (Hard mode)
- Find/compose death sequence music, finish composing title screen music
- Find/make a custom boss sprite, make boss graphics
- Find out how to make the title screen stop looping
- Fix Small Aden's item carrying issues


Welcome to the official thread for my hack, The Eggs of Saear!

Here's a picture of the overworld:

These are normal level tiles, inspired by Kirby 64. Obviously, they go in numerical order.

This is a boss level tile. In these levels, there isn't an actual level to play through, but instead a boss you have to defeat. It's sort of like a castle but not really at all...

This is an extra level tile, found through secret exits. Since they are usually shortcuts, they are harder than normal levels.

After beating a level, the tile turns red. This indicates that you can re-enter the level and play a harder version of the level. After you beat the harder version, nothing really happens, but you do get bragging rights, I guess.

Anyway, here's some screenshots of some levels!

One of the levels in the first world, Latcari Peninsula.

An underwater tunnel leading to a secret exit. That thing on the right is a health-restoring potion.

A Porcu-Puffer graphical edit.

The second world, Latcari Plateau. This is a snake that hides in bushes and spits eggs at you. It's a graphical edit of a pipe-dwelling Lakitu.

Bouncing Goomba edits. And some pretty scenery.

A vine. What's up here?

Oh! It's a... What is it? (These actually used to be moons that increased the moon counter in the status bar, but I haven't gotten to editing it to be a sun shape. Eh.)

Anyway, that's it for now, I guess. Comments? Questions? Constructive criticism? Money?
fuck yeah meowingtons
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No money for you! Anyway, this looks good. I hope the red tiles would turn into something better than "bragging rights."
Oh shit, I didn't think you were still working on this. But I guess I was wrong, dead wrong. I like the graphical edits, and the Kirby 64 level tiles are a nice touch.
Originally posted by magickoopa24
No money for you! Anyway, this looks good. I hope the red tiles would turn into something better than "bragging rights."

Since the secret exits will be used already, I don't think there's a simple way to do that. But what I'll probably do is put the sun items in red levels only, so that you still have to play through the red levels to complete the game.

Also, yeah, I guess I have been a bit secretive about this hack.
fuck yeah meowingtons
The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
It's too bad you've been secretive, this is really looking great!
I love how you used the level tiles from Kirby 64, that game is awesome.
The graphics in the levels are very nice, the are redrawn, but keep the smw feeling.
Another thing that really caught my eye was the OW, and I could only find, like, two really small pieces of cutoff, where as usually in a normal OW, I can find 20 or so.
I do have a couple of questions:
What is the plot?
And about how long is it gonna be?

Very nice work, Spade. So you are more than just a comedian, eh?
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

This title screen is good, i like the palette of things. the cloud like thing reminds me of a crescent moon, and the palette of it does too :>

I like this ow, the perspective of things is good. I like those level tiles too, and the idea of each level being harder the next time you enter it. I wonder what that giant wall does... :3 I also like the shadows you gave things

ruins on a beach. i like the water gfx and the bg

Well i dont know what that blue thing is, but it looks like a crab's claw. The bg looks good, doesn't blend in with the fg like a lot of people do :>

I like your edit of the puffer fish thingy. I cant really draw any "living" thing that well X.x i like the layer 3 water too. That island background looks nice. simple yet effective :>

Pretty clever, never thought of ever editing that sprite xP
Almost reminds me of a cobrat. but without eyes

Pretty cool dragon coin(?) spade :> i like the forground in this screenshot. no perspective issues or palette issues. the only thing that bother me is the lack of decoration in the dirt. not a big problem, but it adds more to the atmosphere of the graphics :>

Pretty nice hack you have here spade, and a very nice way to use your 4000th post! I hope to see more updates like this >:3 probably the biggest post ive made, literally :O
Good to see that you're still working of that hack. I though it was cancelled.
Nice redrawn GFX.
i just lurk sometimes
Looks really nice overall, Spade.
Your layout has been removed.
Well, I'm really fond of the graphical style you got going there. Very simple and smooth, I'm assuming you drew most of those yourself? Who's the main character supposed to be though...
I suppose I should have explained the plot in the first post.

The main character is a character of my own creation. He's a boy named Aden, who found himself unconscious on a beach one day. He lost most of his memory, so he forgets why he is there. One thing he remembers is that he has to go to the town called Crois to the north for a ceremony. The Eggs of Saear, a set of magical, sacred artifacts sent from the gods, are going to hatch.

However, along the way, Aden finds himself in a conflict with an evil bunch who wants to harness the power for their own shady agendas...

Also, Kristian, where do you see cutoff? I'd like to fix it if possible...
fuck yeah meowingtons
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That's a pretty cool story line you got there spade! I also like your player graphics too, forgot to comment on those before X.x
I can't draw player graphics for shit :<.

The water should go right to the edge, right?
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Yeah... I figured that's what you meant. I fixed the one on the left, but I didn't notice the one on the right. Thanks.
fuck yeah meowingtons
The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
I think that blue claw is a sprite-swapped Blargg, right?

In any case, this is looking very impressive. I love how you're drawing your own graphics for everything, it looks really professional. Keep up the good work!
"Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
I remember seeing some things related to this hack on IRC, but it's nice to see an entire thread for it now. I really like your overworld so far, and the way you have the level tiles set up looks especially neat. The "hard mode" for each of the levels sounds like a great addition too. The actual level screenshots look nice as well, and I certainly like some of the hand-drawn graphics you're including in this. Looking forward to seeing more from this hack!
Looks great, really like the OW and new enemies.
Looks awesome, Spade.
I especially like the title screen and the Porcu-Puffer graphic edit.
Scientific genius!Looks nice so far! I love your custom gfx.

However, my only complaint is that it's hard to tell you're underwater in this screenshot. That's just a minor nitpick though.

Good luck, I look forward to playing this. If you make it suck, I'll never forgive you. :(
I am the Eggman! My current Egglayout is to support Sonic Robo Blast 2. I'll change it sometime in the future.
Listen to the SRB2 Soundtrack! It's awesome! AWESOME I SAY! Also, PM me if you ever wanna do SRB2 with me.
But what is that claw.

Is it a Blargg or something?
Here comes slippy!

That claw is a Blargg, yes.

And for some reason, it's very hard to make that palette look like it's underwater.

Oh, and here's an updated overworld with less cutoff.

I also added some new graphics where the land meets water.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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