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Chaotic Realm (hmm?!)
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Yeah, this is my not-so-knowed hack, Chaotic Realm.

this is a short hack (around 8 levels), 2 grasslands, 2 ice lands, 1 castle, 1 volcano, 1 lake and 1 "special" level.

i made 4 levels and i'm working in the other 4 ones.

"why i'm making this thread?"
because i want more feedback and support.

"and the story of the hack?"
its pretty simple, really.
mario its pissed of so many kaizo hacks so he starts a little travel to destroy the roots of them, he needs to deactivate 3 switches to get access to the kaizo master's palace and defeat the evil T.Takemoto, the creator of kaizo.

"this hack its too little, theres secrets arround there?"
yes, when you get the good ending, you can activate the muncher blocks, these blocks open to you new paths of the first 3 levels and when you beat the alternate path, you can go to the 3 extra levels.

"wait?, you said "theres around 8 levels" 4+3=7, where's the 8th one?"
the 8th one can be unlocked after you see the credits (you will be able get the credits level via bad ending)

"and those are all the secrets?"
no, i'm planning to do something special, it will be unlocked when you finish the 8th level.

"too many text, i want screenies, where are them?

this is the 1st level, its a grassland.

yeah, water.

this is the special thing of this level, there's an inverted version of it.


Rotating munchers!.

this is the second level, an ice land.

use the springboard to get the p-switch.


extended cement blocks.

this is the 3th level, its a volcano with a secret building inside.
(also, hard-to-get 3up moon)

hit the switch to disapear some blocks.

this is the secret building.

face? yes or not, you decide.


the blocks are you guide.

this is the 4th level, this is the kaizo master's palace and this is the easy path.

yep, easy.

muncher garden, part of the easy path.

yeah, layer 2 level.


T.Takemoto battle.

this is the kaizo path, sorry, only 1 screen of this path.

alternate path of the first level

its blocked.


alternate path of the 3th level, its inside the volcano.

but after a little walk, this volcano its transformed into an ice cave?

7th level, this its the only thing in this level so far.

Now please comment!.
I do pixels sometimes
Wow.... the palettes are beautiful, fantastic job!


My YouTube Channel
Wow, this looks like some really awesometastic level design! I love how you added rotating munchers.

Really looking forward to this!
Seriously, I am!

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
This looks absolutely beautiful. The palettes are top quality and the level design looks amazingly fun. The easy/hard path puts an interesting twist on the casual play. very nice, very nice.

well, there's some levels to do but i'm starting with the beta testers signup.

there's 4 spaces for beta testers, that means ONLY 4 beta testers.
you want to be one, post here.

Edit: oh, and if you have already beta tested other hacks, post them, this can help you to get a space.
I do pixels sometimes
I want to be a beta tester.
Here comes slippy!

I REALLY want to beta test this! It looks so Munchy! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!
Can I be a beta tester as well?
I'd like to beta test this. While I have never beta tested before, I always (in a hack) test every level with all characters. This seems like a great hack, and I would rally with mario on the kaizo hack strike. I mean, it is not a fun game if you have a lot of save states.
I'd like to test this very OMNOMNOMNOM hack, even though more than 4 people have already asked to be a tester. :/

Good fucking bye.
As a ROM Hacker myself,I would love to Test someones work.A BETA tester is a important part of a hack,and I'd be honored to do it.
I know like 5 other people have already posted, but if you reject a few of them, I would like to Beta test.

I have beta tested Brick's Pit of 100 Trials, and I also Beta tested my friend's hack which isn't on the site. And I'm currently signed up for beta testing Shinnok's hack.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
well, you kristian, now you are an official Chaotic Realm Beta Tester, for the others... well, let's see if theres more people who wants to beta test the hack.

Now for a little update.

this is the 8th level (now take note that this level its AFTER the kaizo master's palace, its harder than the easy path but easier than the kaizo path)

water section of the level.


returning to the normal section.

and thats all, remember, the beta testers signups still open. If you have experience, better.
I do pixels sometimes
Sign me up for beta testing. I love the look of this hack and can't wait to play it.

Alright! Thanks for letting me test.
I'm looking forward to it.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
floating rotating munchers are epic win. When I get to the palace, Imma' try the kaizo path! (Assuming you tested that it is possible without TAS) Also, the block guide part looks cool, and overall, this hack looks really cool.

Is the hack in itself a kaizo hack though?

Your layout has been removed.
no, its a hack with easy to kaizo level design (obvious the kaizo path its optional), and yes, the kaizo path its doable without TAS, i was trying to get the original kaizo difficult, the original kaizo games are pieces of art, the newer kaizo tipe hacks are just terrible (with an exception, yeah i'm talking about Cool or Cruel)
I do pixels sometimes
I fail at Kaizo, so I'm not going to be doing any Kaizo path. Whatever. I'm always a fan of those black and white levels, though!

Good fucking bye.
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