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Chocolate Level Design 2009: Submissions

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As promised, I'm happy to announce the first "No-Holds-Barred" level contest on SMW Central. We've had a couple of "vanilla" contests before, but it's time to see what the members of this site are really made of.

Because this is a "go all out" level contest, there are no real rules. You may use any resources from the site, you may make anything you want for your level, and you may do anything to enhance it. Custom sprites, blocks, music, bosses, whatever you want - go nuts. There are only a small set of requirements for this:

1. As obvious as this may seem, you must upload an IPS PATCH. Do NOT post your ROM in this thread, or it will be removed and you will be disqualified.
2. I swear, I spent 15 minutes trying to think of a decent #2, but couldn't.

Due to the nature of this contest, I'll be setting the deadline for a month away. September 30, 2009 will be the final date that levels are accepted. At that point, three judges (who have already been chosen, but will not be revealed this time) will rank the levels. Instead of previous contests where the rankings have been divided into sections, this one will simply be out of 100%. The more you pump into your level, the higher your percentage will be. Think about what makes a level fun - just having really cool music/bosses/etc, but awful level design, will not get you a good score. Try and make as much shine as you can. Deductions will come mainly from bugs, cutoffness, glitches, etc.

That's all. Keep all discussion and questions on this contest in the OTHER stickied thread - this one is for you to post your IPS patches only.

Have fun.

------SUBMITTED ENTRIES (35)------

I am submitting an entry for the contest. My entry is a castle level from my unreleased hack still in progress - Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 2 You can download it HERE. If you have any problems feel free to PM me.
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Okay, time for my level.

Do you think that you are smart? Do you think you have what it takes to solve the perplexing puzzle of "The Temple of the Dollar?" Well, here's your chance to try to solve it. Directly from the hack: "SCORPION's Ravage," I give you the Final Level from this hack as the level I will submit to the contest. Please, take your time b/c this is most confusing level you'll ever play. Remember what you see and do too.

Also, please remember that this does contain Custom GFX, so don't rip anything from this IPS file. Thank you.


SCORPION's Ravage - Temple of the Dollar

Do remember to save it as an IPS file... for some reason, it isn't one anymore, so just put ".ips" at the end of the file. Thank you.
Ok I finished my level for the contest.

It is supposed to be fun and short it is
just something I made in about three days
here it is.

Okay I made my level. It is called FREEZE FLAME. It is in the spot of YOSHI's ISLAND 1. Please enjoy it. The link:
Good morning/afternoon/evening/middle of night, or whatever. Have a nice day!
The link to the file is [url= Mushroom]. This was a level in my hack that I'm working on now, but it's had a dramatic redesign. The level's name is The Mushroom Kingdom.

EDIT: Had wrong URL last time...
EDIT2: I'm a noob at html code and crap, so search The Mushroom Kingdom in the file bin...

EDIT3: Check my new post for a new link (or search the thing up there, doesn't matter); I found some errors and fixed them, then re-uploaded...
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Alright, I'm finally done my level, after working hard on it the past three days. I'm kind of anxious, I tested it lots, and I really hope there isn't any major flaw I somehow missed.

Well either way, here is my entry,
The Frozen Desert

PS Credits are at the end when you beat the boss.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Oh, fantastic! Now I can broadcast show what I have been working on. This is one course of my upcoming big Mario World hack, called Super Senjan Realm. I hope you will enjoy it! The IPS file can you get right Here!
I wish to submit this level called Chocolate Run. Its a level in a hack I'm making.[url=]
Here's my entry. Click here to download it. It's called the night sky bridge. Read the read me for credits.

EDIT: When you open the download window, it may tell you that the page is unavailable. Just press the back button in your browser and it should work. (The left arrow)
I finished my level, it's called Explore The Island click the name of the hack to download.
here is my level for the contest.
i hope you enjoy. it's also for a hack i'm fixing up.
layout by pirahnaplant.
the variety of chance is upon us, are you scared?

This is my level for the contest.

Mario in Yoshi's Island

This is my level entry. Did I get that link in there? Let's find out!
Well, I guess you will just have to copy the url, and paste it. There are 2 exits to find. This hack is not yet finished. Let's call this level Mountain Top 4, just for fun. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about 60% done with my hack of doom. The end.

WYEdit: Fixed the link. ;)

edit: I patched that first one to the wrong file and came out with garbled graphics. Here is the new one:

New Link

If you downloaded the last one, please delete it and use this one. It's slightly less ugly (I hope).
I re-uploaded my level; please check the file bin for a new file.
waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
Mine is finally done. Dont expect too much, though.
"Under the Tombs #2"
(Yes, there's a #1 but i'm not working on that)

i just lurk sometimes

here is my hack this is my youtube account
here's mine. I did it pretty quick, it's an IPS file. tell me if the link doesn't work.
Fortress Fun: done
Muncher Fields: 25 percent

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Cutman's Hideout

Here is my official contest entry. I had help from my brother since I can't run .exe programs properly.

Here is my level contest entry. (PM me if the custom pallets don't show up, the custom sprites don't work, or anything of the sort.)
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