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Chocolate Level Design 2009: Discussion

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Awesome!!!! I'm so in this. now I can show the world my skills!!!
I bet with a month I can come up with some good ideas....
good luck to everyone.
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Originally posted by Roy
; IF I make a level at all, it would be filled with gimmicks...

; ...but seeing as it's unlikely I'll make a level at all anyway, this comment can be seen as null and void.
Good luck to anyone who will participate! I am sure some of you will do very well.

Kay, your comment is now ignored.

But seriously, if I have anyone to be afraid of, it's people like Roy.

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I will join this contest. >:3 I'm working on a side hack anyways, so i guess i will do this contest! I hope i do well lol
I for one cannot wait to see everyone's levels, as this contest will show us everyones best work!

Also, are you going to join, S.N.N.?
I always judge these contests, which means I don't enter for bias reasons.
Ah, I understand. It would be nice to see your level, though.
I've always been trying to get back into SMW hacking. This will be a good way to help me do so.

However, the forums distract me, so I won't be posting much at all.
An all-out contest huh? Maybe I'll check out some of the levels during judging time...

Anyway, I expect a lot of levels from this, especially since the deadline is a month away, so I hope the judges are ready for this. Weren't there like 60 submissions in the vanilla contest (maybe not 60, I guess I don't know where I pulled that number from)?
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I don't know what level I should make. And my brother will be my backup for my project since he's very good at SMW hacking.

Originally all Dragontales GBA gfx but will take a long time to dump and insert them. But I'm still haven't got myself started yet and I've done some critical thinking.
Yay! Finally I will show you I can make Unlinear Level design.

School+I'm having Lunar Magic problems=Sad face. But I'll probably play some of the levels, though.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Multiple exits are fine, but if the user's level becomes utterly tedious and really, really, really long, then the judges may end up quitting it at a certain point and judging what they played.

This is usually never a problem, though.

Yep, Qouted from page 1.

I'm sure this'll be a problem with my level "Temple of the Dollar", which is submitted by the way. Because that level is very long, but has a lot of challenges that you wouldn't see in the everyday hack.
I won't be entering in this contest... I just don't feel like I am good enough at SMW Hacking to stand a chance... If it was solely based on level design, I would, but I think I'll pass this time.

Good luck to everyone who is entering. =)

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Originally posted by BulletBillTime
Ah crap. If I join, I'll suck at it. Here's a mathematical explanation to this:

Doesn't have skills of an artist + Can't insert custom music + can't insert custom sprites = FAIL

Neither can I, but I'm planning on making a level. Who says vanilla levels can't be awesome?

Originally posted by S.N.N.
I always judge these contests, which means I don't enter for bias reasons.

You should create a level just for the fun of it. All of your levels that I've played were excellent.
I've heard a lot of people saying they won't enter, because they don't think they can win or that they won't do well.


Enter anyways, the contest is meant to be fun, so what if you're level isn't all that good, you had fun making it, right?

I mean, I bet I come in the bottem half of the rankings, but it's still fun.

Just thought I'd say.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
*imamelia starts out all ready to make a nice big awesome level for the contest
*imamelia feels strangely uninspired with the things he needs, like music and ASM
*imamelia works on it anyway
*imamelia has to start over on a new ROM because his first one asdf'd after he inserted the sprites, music, and patches
*imamelia drives himself insane trying to code certain sprites and HDMA routines (HDMA+amelia=wakkawakkawakka)
*imamelia tests the phase after finishing it and finds that he still has several glitches that he can't fix no matter how hard he tries
*imamelia ends up submitting a level that looks completely sloppy and embarrassing, and, to boot, it doesn't have any of the cool stuff he wanted to include

That's probably about what will happen, just like the last level design contest.

I have a question, long does a phase have to be to qualify as "too long"? 32 screens? 64? 128? Five, if it's confusing enough? Any length, if it has more screen exits than you can count on one hand? Variable depending on its design and style?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
My level is gonna be around 20 screens long, if that's any help.
And honestly, I really hope that doesn't happen, imamelia. :<

Good luck, though. :D

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Whatever, I'll join!
I already started on my entry :>
I know, OWs don't count, but de we get lower score if we do make an OW?
Because I want to make a level with 3 exits, and so I need to work a bit with the Overworld.
I hope 3 exits are fine, because some people might think it's too much :/

I think I'll call my level Forest Maze Fortress, but I havent done much yet, except the overworld and planning the level out a bit.
My levels going to be split in 4 parts, each having a somwhat differnt style. Part 3 is going to be split up in parts 3a and 3b. So yeah, mine might be pretty long. I also plan to have many bosses, and a returning enemy... So good thing we have a month, because I need it.

EDIT:My entry is called Heaven's Peak, to whoever cares.
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