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Carol's addmusic 1.22 $E5 command

I didn't want to derail ann chovy/madmaximus's thread any further, so...

I could not get the $E5 command to work as described here:
Originally posted by homing

MORE.bin included in Carol's addmusic Ver1.22 is updated
and you can use "added" samples.

Update point

1.ADSR command $ED fix
BGM ADSRs no longer overlap SE ADSRs.

2.Tremolo command $E5 fix
There were some mistakes in SMW program
and $E5 didn't work correctly by default.

3.SRCN command $E5
$E5 $XX $YY
XX ----- $80 + SRCN (This $80 distinguish between SRCN and Tremolo)
YY ----- Pitch

I downloaded the latest addmusic 1.22 off of Carol's site, too. Neiter addmusic or addmusic_mix seemed to recognize the command. Nor did either come with a more.bin/asm.

Here's what my song looks like:
$E5 $80 $F0	; Sample number (80+SCRN) and pitch
$ED $2F $E0
$EE $F0

The instrument and pitch does not change ($ED and $EE work fine though).

I tried clean and edited roms to no avail. Either the instrument did not change, or music did not play at all (probably an addmusic conflict with the edited roms).

I can work around it and everything, I just wanted to try out this new feature. Am I missing something?
Kaijyuu: Pitch assignment is wrong.

o3 $E5 $80 $03 ; Sample number (80+SCRN) and pitch(@0/2)
$ED $2F $E0
$EE $F0

Reference: SMW original pitches
@0 ... 0x06
@1 ... 0x03
@2 ... 0x04
@3 ... 0x03
@4 ... 0x03
@5 ... 0x07
@6 ... 0x03
@7 ... 0x03
@8 ... 0x1E
@9 ... 0x02
@10 ... 0x08
@11 ... 0x03
@12 ... 0x04
@13 ... 0x03
@14 ... 0x07
@15 ... 0x03
@16 ... 0x03
@17 ... 0x05
@18 ... 0x03
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Thank you for pointing out my error. However, it still does not work. I think the problem is this:

MORE.bin included in Carol's addmusic Ver1.22 is updated

My rom already had MORE.bin patched into it. Where can I find Carol's updated version of MORE.bin? I did not see it included with or

I tried using addmusic 1.22 with a completely new rom, and the game always crashed with songs using ADSR until I patched the old MORE.bin into it.

EDIT: I got it to work! Manual.txt said how to insert carol's updated MORE.bin.

Thanks :)

EDITEDIT: For anyone here who doesn't speak japanese and/or doesn't feel like translating manual.txt:

You need to open addmusic 1.22 with the command line. When you load it, type this
c:\whatever\Addmusic -a
Then type in your rom name, and it will patch the updated more.bin along with importing your music.
I somehow doubt, btw, that this will work with Romi's addmusic without corrupting your rom. Patching more.bin with Carol's will also patch Carol's addmusic's code, and it's simply not compatible with Romi's.

Now, if we could get Carol's updated more.bin separate... that'd be great.
Kaijyuu, please patch this file with your MORE.asm.
Ah, thank you!