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<close it>Pacheco Project: TFL [BUT IT WAS NOT CANCELLED] read last post.

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Hi, I’m TheGamer and i am at some time doing a hack called Pacheco project, this is a hack with one unique and interesting storyline with new characters among with already knows characters. I’m here to make a team hack.
i only could enter on my computer some times, most on holydays and weekends, but when i enter I’ll check everything about the hack.

Here everything I made until now,
Cover:(big image)

This is the game cover, yeah I thinking in something big, so why don´t do a cover?



Pacheco: Friendly and kind, want a world away from war, very loyal, but when everything he believes, and everyone he loves, are destroyed he totally changes, from friendly and kind to evil and cold. He has no idea of what happen in his past, when near of his death was found by Mario, who helps him to survive. But there is one thing he doesn’t know, one unimaginable power sleeps deep inside him.

Kestrel: without a past, very arrogant, was alone in the world, not much is know about him, as long him was a very closed person, him fears his unknown past, is he going to remember his past?

Ovan: One friend of Pacheco, but one day him disappear when Pacheco most need of him, but now him was back, to reveal more about Pacheco´s past, what is his true purpose?
I think some will know from were this character comes from, but for sure, it has one different plot behind him.

Mario - Pacheco´s Best Friend, when Pacheco lies down in ground suffering the worst pains, death can provide, him help pacheco get better and aid him in his fight against the devil itself. Like to eat mushrooms, him was know as the hero of the mushroom kingdom, brother of Luigi, has once defeated Bowser. And now was in a new mission together with Pacheco and link.

Link - An old friend of Pacheco, help him defeat the evil beyond their land, a loyal knight from his kingdom. A loyal friend of Pacheco. Has a good heart always want to help his friends, Pacheco, and Mario.

Platinum Yoshi: the last of his specie, chief of Yoshi´s village, has one unique power that could help Pacheco and his friends to vanish the new dark from the land.

Theltier: A man without heart, named as the Eternal Chaos, him once spread darkness into the land, but Pacheco stop his insane actions. Him now sleep, waiting for the time to finally resurrects from the depths of the abyss. None has ever seen his face.
This sprite is from another game but the character not, I just found this sprite what best fit to the evil personality of my character, of course I going to change the sprites.

not all the sprites of the characters are done, i´m working on it.

There was a peacefully land where everything lives in harmony, but a danger awoke. As the night falls a dark shade covers the land, the darkness spread trough fast, Theltier a heartless demon that the only purpose was to spread the chaos beyond the world, begin to bring pain to this peacefully land. Bowser fall under Theltier domain, forced to obey all that comes from his supreme ruler. With the help of Bowser and his Koopa troops, Him capture every single thing that are in his way, bringing pain, fear and despair for who tries to cease him, nothing stops him, everything fears him. No matter how hard everyone does, no matter how much lives were lost, him spread chaos and darkness trough the lands. But where there is darkness, so must there be light. One soul determinate to stop his insane actions, go at the encounter of the beast. a fierce battle is about to begin. Pacheco, the leader of the Monty moles, against Theltier, the leader of the chaos creatures in possession of the Koopa troops either. When the two of them enters in the battlefield the very earth trembles in fear, an epic battle has started. Pacheco, after a hard and though battle has emerged victorious, and seal Theltier, alongside of his dark servants. He knows that some time Theltier will be back, but until then he thought that peace could prevail . . . he thought wrong. . .

Levels (no BG, for now):
Mole Grounds:

Mole construction site:

Sad plateau:


Sea Sands:

Small sprite sheet:


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The overworld is good, but kind of cluttered. The Monty Mole text box... ever heard of periods?

Also, the lack of a background in Sad Plateau is kind of bugging me.
Well, I can see a LOT of work went into character design. Out of curiosity, how are you expecting that to play out? It's pretty hard to really have character design beyond graphics and message boxes (well now with Romi's newest tool, cutscenes might be simpler).

I also think your overworld looks good, but I don't think it's cluttered at all. In fact, in some places it needs more decoration. The whole top half is just bland, despite the multi-level cliff faces. If you don't plan on decorating, then at least make the level paths interesting.

Why do you not have a background in Sad Plateau? It doesn't look wrong, but it stands out. I would hope it's not for no reason... though to be honest it's just my opinion.
yes, i going to use Romi's tool to make the cutscenes.
the OW is not finished yet and i don´t put any backgrounds for now, i´ll do it later.
Thanks for the comments, and is there anyone who want to join in this hack? contact me in this topic or PM me. Good bye.

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Wow this is a nice hack!
And the backgrounds...
What you said.
Over world is nice.
Very close together but nice.
I like it.
thanks, i going to work on the cutscenes for now. soon i´ll post something else.

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Every level so far has GFX clashes. Please fix that.
Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
My Pokemon:

Party Image cause I feel lazy.
Originally posted by Marisa
Every level so far has GFX clashes. Please fix that.

i don´t get it, but if you´re talking about that one level has a different enemies gfx in each level, thats not the problem just that some screenshots are older than others.

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GFX Clashes is like, if the BG is a realistic background and the FG is cartoony. It clashes.

And on you're screenshots, the backgrund is from SMW while the FG is from Yoshis island.
Here comes slippy!

yeah, but as i said i going to put the BG later.

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there was a long time since i post something, these days i was doing the title screen, it gave me a lot of work but it´s finally done. see if it was good:

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Originally posted by TheGamer
there was a long time since i post something, these days i was doing the title screen, it gave me a lot of work but it´s finally done. see if it was good:

Don't forget to change the "Mario" to something like "Pache" in the file selection screen. I would recommend using that same Title Screen letters Palette though. It rocks.

Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
I'll be Level Designer.
*** Usagi Productions ***
new level, new character, i actualy finish the character sprites i will need for a demo. for now it is just a few levels and cutscenes, then i can release a demo.
Character: (Kestrel):

center the character, on the bottom right the sprite.

my newest level:
green hills:

that is it for now, and about change "MARIO" for "PACHE" i already have think of it, "PACHE" stay strange, i going to put "FILE" instead.
thanks everyone.

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The taller hills in the background have cutoff bottoms. You may want to fix that. Other than that and the life bar with the messy palette, it looks pretty nice so far.

While I'm still going to be pretty busy with a team hack of my own, I guess I could help with level design...
Thanks Midna, i noticed the status bar palette, i going to fix it, the cutoffs too. and about the level design, you can send me a PM with a level, ok?

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All righty then, I'll get on it.
This is my newest level, Greenway hills, please forget about the lack of music, the slowdown (because i am using a bad program to film the game), and the falling koopas near the end of the level, i already fixed it. hope you all enjoy:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Also, i am in extremely need of someone good at cutscenes, if someone knows use Romi´s tool, contact me. thats it, i´ll be waiting for yours replies.

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The player one will be pacheco or mario?

The 4 Relics

Pokey's Adventure Userbar
Need help with your Hack?
I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

Just for the record, my level is vanilla, but will probably have a custom palette. It's half fire and half water, by which I mean half of it is full of riding skull rafts across lava and half of it is swimming through an underwater gauntlet.


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