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SMW Sprite disassembly project
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Well I found it: Here it is!
I skipped over that one because it didn't look like a proper disassembly; it's not the original sprite, that's one thing that's sure (STA $C2,x STY $C2,x is definitely not part of the original init routine). I'm not sure how much things can change while still being a valid disassembly. Ersanio, do you have any opinion?

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I personally vote there should be no changes. However, I am not opposed to if people include an unmodified and modified version in the same sprite as two different files.
What's the status of this? I haven't heard anything about it in ages, but I notice that the first post of the thread could use an update (actually, I might just do that myself). Also, some of those sprites (the para-enemies and Dino-Torch, for two) might actually be nearly impossible to disassemble properly without the status support of Tessera, though I guess maybe it could be done with some of the extra flags in mikeyk's/Romi's Sprite Tool (bits 6 and 7 of the extra property byte 2).

Also, I'd eventually like to have a disassembly project for the sprites in SMAS and YI as well, at least as well as we can, though that wouldn't really fit in this thread and would be difficult because of the lack of documentation.
If Tessera can help with dissassembling some of the normal sprites, than I'd say it should get updated. Just an opinion.

Putting my YI hack on hold.
I'd like to claim the Galoomba (0F) and the P-Balloon (7D).
I'll claim Lakitu's cloud (87) and POW switch (3E)

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Pitchin chuck's link is broken...
I have a question: how accurate are those dissassemblies? Is the code exactly the same/acts exactly the same, or is there room for some difference from the original sprites?
I would imagine it depends on the sprite. I think at least the vast majority of them should behave identically to the original sprites, but there might be a few that wouldn't. Maybe some old ones that weren't directly based on the original code, or ones with added features (in particular, a few of the ones I did behave identically to the originals unless the extra bit is set, in which case they do something slightly different).
Is this thread still active?
I've compiled an updated list of all hosted sprite disassemblies (as of this post date). I say hosted because I know there are a few custom sprites out there that are non-hosted disassemblies such as the Flying Question Block released during the 2018 C3). In case anyone wanted to 'fill out' the sprite section with new disassemblies or wanted to combine current ones.

Note: Update to included *advanced sprite disassemblies such as the Boo Ring. These sprites either combine multiple vanilla sprites into one, or have additional features over the vanilla sprite.

00 Green Koopa Troopa without shell
01 Red Koopa Troopa without shell
02 Blue Koopa Troopa without shell
03 Yellow Koopa Troopa without shell
04 Green Koopa Troopa
05 Red Koopa Troopa
06 Blue Koopa Troopa
07 Yellow Koopa Troopa
08 Green Koopa Troopa flying left
09 Green Koopa Troopa bouncing
0A Red Koopa Troopa flying vertically
0B Red Koopa Troopa flying horizontally
0C Yellow Koopa Troopa with wings
0D Bob-Omb
0E Keyhole
0F Goomba
10 Bouncing Goomba with wings
11 Buzzy Beetle
12 Unused
13 Spiny
14 Spiny falling
15 Cheep Cheep swimming horizontally *
16 Cheep Cheep swimming vertically *
17 Cheep Cheep flying
18 Cheep Cheep jumping to surface
19 Display text from level message 1
1A Classic Piranha Plant
1B Bouncing Football in place.
1C Bullet Bill
1D Hopping flame
1E Lakitu
1F Magikoopa
20 Magikoopa's magic
21 Moving coin
22 Green vertical net Koopa *
23 Red vertical net Koopa *
24 Green horizontal net Koopa *
25 Red horizontal net Koopa *
26 Thwomp
27 Thwimp
28 Big Boo
29 Koopa Kid
2A Upside-down Piranha Plant
2B Sumo Brother's lightning
2C Yoshi egg
2D Baby Yoshi
2E Spike Top
2F Portable springboard
30 Dry Bones that throws bones *
31 Bony Beetle
32 Dry Bones that stays on ledges *
33 Podoboo/vertical fireball
34 Boss fireball
35 Yoshi
36 Unused
37 Boo
38 Eerie that moves straight *
39 Eerie that moves in a wave *
3A Urchin that moves a fixed distance *
3B Urchin that moves between walls *
3C Urchin that follows walls
3D Rip Van Fish
3E P-switch
3F Para-Goomba
40 Para-Bomb
41 Dolphin that swims and jumps in one direction *
42 Dolphin that swims and jumps back and forth *
43 Dolphin that swims and jumps up and down *
44 Torpedo Ted
45 Directional coins
46 Diggin' Chuck
47 Swimming/jumping fish
48 Diggin' Chuck's rock
49 Growing/shrinking pipe
4A Goal Point Question Sphere
4B Pipe-dwelling Lakitu
4C Exploding block
4D Monty Mole, ground-dwelling *
4E Monty Mole, ledge-dwelling *
4F Jumping Piranha Plant *
50 Jumping Piranha Plant that spits fireballs *
51 Ninji
52 Moving hole in ghost house ledge
53 Throw block sprite
54 Revolving door for climbing net
55 Checkerboard platform, horizontal
56 Flying rock platform, horizontal *
57 Checkerboard platform, vertical
58 Flying rock platform, vertical *
59 Turn block bridge, horizontal and vertical *
5A Turn block bridge, horizontal *
5B Floating brown platform *
5C Floating checkerboard platform *
5D Small orange floating platform *
5E Large orange floating platform *
5F Swinging brown platform
60 Flat switch palace switch
61 Floating skulls
62 Brown line-guided platform
63 Brown/checkered line-guided platform
64 Line-guided rope mechanism
65 Chainsaw (line-guided) *
66 Upside-down chainsaw (line-guided) *
67 Grinder, line-guided
68 Fuzzy, line-guided
69 Unused
6A Coin game cloud
6B Wall springboard (left wall)
6C Wall springboard (right wall)
6D Invisible solid block
6E Dino-Rhino
6F Dino-Torch
70 Pokey
71 Super Koopa with red cape *
72 Super Koopa with yellow cape *
73 Super Koopa on the ground
74 Mushroom
75 Flower
76 Star
77 Feather
78 1-Up mushroom
79 Growing vine
7A Firework
7B Goal tape
7C Peach (after Bowser fight)
7D P-Balloon
7E Flying red coin *
7F Flying golden mushroom *
80 Key
81 Changing item
82 Bonus game sprite
83 Flying question block that flies left
84 Flying question block that flies back and forth
85 Unused
86 Wiggler
87 Lakitu's cloud
88 Winged cage (unused)
89 Layer 3 Smash
8A Yoshi's House bird
8B Puff of smoke from Yoshi's House
8C Side exit enabler
8D Ghost house exit sign and door
8E Invisible "Warp Hole"
8F Scale platforms
90 Large green gas bubble
91 Chargin' Chuck
92 Splittin' Chuck
93 Bouncin' Chuck
94 Whistlin' Chuck
95 Chargin' Chuck
96 Unused
97 Puntin' Chuck
98 Pitchin' Chuck
99 Volcano Lotus
9A Sumo Brother
9B Amazing Flying Hammer Brother
9C Flying gray blocks for Hammer Brother
9D Sprite in a bubble
9E Ball 'n' Chain
9F Banzai Bill
A0 Bowser battle activator
A1 Bowser's "bowling ball"
A2 Mecha-Koopa
A3 Rotating gray platform
A4 Floating spike ball
A5 Wall-following Sparky/Fuzzy *
A6 Hothead *
A7 Iggy's ball projectile
A8 Blargg
A9 Reznor
AA Fishbone
AB Rex
AC Wooden spike pointing down *
AD Wooden spike pointing up *
AE Fishin' Boo
AF Boo Block
B0 Reflecting stream of Boo Buddies
B1 Creating/eating block
B2 Falling spike
B3 Bowser statue fireball
B4 Grinder that moves on the ground
B5 Unused
B6 Reflecting fireball
B7 Carrot Top Lift, upper right *
B8 Carrot Top Lift, upper left *
B9 Info Box
BA Timed Lift
BB Moving castle block
BC Bowser statue
BD Sliding Koopa
BE Swooper
BF Mega Mole
C0 Sinking gray platform on lava
C1 Flying gray turn blocks
C2 Blurp
C3 Porcu-Puffer
C4 Gray platform that falls
C5 Big Boo Boss
C6 Spotlight/dark room sprite
C7 Invisible mushroom
C8 Light switch for dark room
C9 Bullet Bill shooter
CA Torpedo Ted launcher
CB Eerie generator
CC Para-Goomba generator
CD Para-Bomb generator
CE Para-Goomba and Para-Bomb generator
CF Dolphin generator (left)
D0 Dolphin generator (right)
D1 Flying fish generator
D2 Turn Off Generator 2 *
D3 Super Koopa generator
D4 Bubbled sprite generator
D5 Bullet Bill generator (GFX01)
D6 Multidirectional Bullet Bill generator
D7 Multidirectional diagonal Bullet Bill generator
D8 Bowser statue fire generator
D9 Turn Off Generators *
DA Green Koopa shell
DB Red Koopa shell
DC Blue Koopa shell
DD Yellow Koopa shell
DE Group of 5 wave-moving Eeries
DF Green Para-Koopa shell
E0 3 rotating gray platforms
E1 Boo Ceiling
E2 Boo Ring moving counterclockwise *
E3 Boo Ring moving clockwise *
E4 Swooper Death Bat Ceiling
E5 Appearing/disappearing Boos
E6 Background candle flames
E7 Unused
E8 Special auto-scroll command
E9 Layer 2 Smash
EA Layer 2 scrolling command
EB Unused
EC Unused
ED Layer 2 Falls
EE Unused
EF Layer 2 sideways-scrolling command
F0 Unused
F1 Unused
F2 Layer 2 on/off switch controller
F3 Standard auto-scroll command
F4 Fast background scroll
F5 Layer 2 sink command
F6 Unused
F7 Unused
F8 Unused
F9 Unused
FA Unused
FB Unused
FC Unused
FD Unused
FE Unused
FF Unused
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by hash
I say hosted because I know there are a few custom sprites out there that are non-hosted disassemblies such as the Flying Question Block released during the 2018 C3).

Depends on what you consider a disassembly, because most of the code that matters for the flying question block is actually inside the sprite contact routine.
That sprite you linked is actually a lot simpler to make than the disassembly because we have generic stuff for that.
So if all you want is a sprite that flies around, draws a wing and has act-as set as the flying question block so the sprite contact routine works properly and set some RAMs for the power up, I have it. Otherwise no, fuck disassembling sprite contact routine lmao. It's already there, I don't see any point in disassembling it.

Your layout has been removed.
Some of the sprites marked as dissasemblies are not actual dissasemblies: this dissasembly of the spiny, in particular, takes so many liberties (specially setting the X and Y speed in a completely different way with respecte the vanilla one) its not even a good imitation of the original: if you use it in slopes, it will move a lot quicker, and if you place it in air, this "dissasembly" will start moving, whereas the vanilla one does not.

I know it's maybe nitpicking, but I think we should make sure every sprite marked as dissasembled is really dissasembled. I can understand writting some additional code to make the sprite customisable via extra bits/bytes, or erasing pointless code, even optimising parts of the code, but I would bet half the code of that spiny is made up by the autor and does not match the vanilla one.
Can someone make a red koopa dissasembly?
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