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What is your favorite SMB enemy?

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My favorite would be Rex. I don't know why I just like them.
Koopa troopa ftw.
Charl-Um, Chargin' Chucks.
Good fucking bye.
Scuba Steve. An enemy I just made up.
Shy Guys.
Thwimps rock. End of discussion.
Shyguys are cool.
Perhaps Magikoopa, I don't know

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Koopa Troopa!Nothing to put here at the time being.
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Shy guys.
Twomps because they are so majestic and bold. I mean, to stay there still and wait for Mario to go by just to fall down and attempt to crush him, only to see that he stopped right in front of the Twomp and now the poor defenseless Twomp has to slowly travel its way back up to the roof without any control while Mario just breezes on by. Its a cruel injustice yes, but what can the poor Twomp do? Nothing! Him, and his rare sideways traveling brothers can't do anything but attempt and fail half the time at crushing Mario! So yeah, I would say Twomp.
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Torpedo Ted. They are epic.
I've always liked Ravens, especially how they go around walls and things, along with Raphael on the moon. The mice from YI are pretty awesome as well, since they're quick and nimble, make good thieves, and are kinda cute as well.

Then again, these enemies both started in YI. In terms of enemies that actually started in a SMB game, I'd probably go with Hammer Bros.
the goomba
In SMB: Hammer Bros.

Mario games in general: I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Muncher yet. Quoting Kernigh:

Originally posted by Kernigh
Munchers, rooted to the ground, always munch, never rest, always chew the air until something else comes there. A terrible magic grants to each muncher a hunger never satiated and an endurance never outlasted. Munchers will bite without pause until the end of time.

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My favorite SMB enemy is the hammer bro.
The battle bros from SMB3 (Hammer, Boomerang, and Fire Bros)Free counters!

Jeorge you forgot the Sledge bros. (dunno if you like those though). My favorites are the Thwomp, and the Podoboo.

My favourite enemy is the Koopa Troopa.
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Munchers because they can defy gravity. Most enemies that you place in the air like a Goomba will fall to the ground when you load up the level. Munchers can stay in the air forever and continue what they do best.

But on a more serious note, I like Chain Chomps more. Especially the ones in YI such as the one that chases you and eats aways the sand blocks behind you. They are one of my favorite moments in Yoshi's Island because they are very fast-paced.
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