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Very elementary question

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Click the green shell button. <_<
There are tutorials for Sprite Tool and ExGFX in the documents section ;)
LM does let add sprites into the level, but not edit them or add more sprites into the game.

Sprite Tool does add sprites into the game though, just learn how to use it. Just remember:
All/Most sprites imported from sprite tool into the game won't appear correctly in Lunar Magic. In the game, they will.

ExGFX stands for Extra Graphics. It's a feature in LM (Lunar Magic) that lets you use new sets of graphics in a level. You'll need it if you want sprites to appear as they should in the game (NOT Lunar Magic).

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<-- this is the dope on dope cant draw any sprites (I don't know what that even means) but yes, you can have more sprites in the hack than there where in the original.
Originally posted by Boing
Click the green shell button. <_<

Do the same thing you do for object.
Originally posted by GMU22LamarButler
No no no you don't understand...

I don't mean add sprites to LEVELS!

I mean... like say there are 500 sprites in the whole game ( idk how many there actually are )

Can I click on some button and draw my own sprite and then hit add and then there will be 501 sprites in the game!?

no. you would need to learn ASM, (or whatever) and it would need to be implemented with sprite tool.

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You don't get it. In Toad's Tool 64, it won't let you add new enemies, only change existing ones into other enemies.

Don't worry, you can do this in Lunar Magic, but there is a limit to how many enemies in a level, but it is extremely high, and I've only hit that limit once before. Besides, having too many enemies causes slowdown and some will disappear.

Here's how to do it:
1. Click the green shell button.
2. Click the baby blue Yoshi button.
3. Select the enemy you want to add.
4. Right-click anywhere in the level to add it.