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What was your first anime..... And what do you think of it now???
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Forum Graveyard - Anime & Manga - What was your first anime..... And what do you think of it now???
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First anime I ever saw was Sonic X, the shitty 4kids dub. Every now and then I'll rewatch random episodes of season 3, but only the sub.
My first anime was Sailor Moon, but I was too young to remember much other than FIGHTING EVIL IN THE MOONLIGHT. I ended up downloading Ai no Senshi because it was a p cool song.

I tried watching Sailor Moon subbed when I was old enough to understand it, and I was absolutely disgusted. Didn't watch past episode 1, into the trash it goes, etc.

First one I watched and enjoyed was Pokémon but gave up after Johto League Champions. Pocket Monsters: The Origin, IMHO, was the only thing worth watching after that -- even the movies felt stale. First long one I completed and loved all the way through was Dragon Ball Z. Cardcaptor Sakura was another early anime of mine that I liked but I don't remember much and I don't believe I finished it.

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I don't watch Animu and Mango anymore, but here I go~

Lucky Star and Death Note... I think both of them suck.

Actually I dislike mainly all Anime, but since this is a pretty interesting topic I simply decided to tell my first Animes I ever watched.
When I was little, I think it was Shadow Skill or something really gorey that I happened to catch on some late night network. My fragile little mind was warped, but I couldn't stop watching....which I did when my mom jumped out of bed upon hearing miscellaneous profanities from the living room and sent my candy ass to bed.

As for what I think of it now, I don't like anime as whole. If someone asked me, "Do you like anime, yes or no?" I would say no. That is not to say I wouldn't check out something that was highly recommended in hopes that it will be a good anime, even if I know I'll probably dislike it. But, I suppose the bottom line is that I don't watch any anime because it's anime; I watch it for the sake of being a GOOD series or movie whether it's anime or not.

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My first anime (aside from catching a few episodes of Pokémon on TV now and again) was Soul Eater via the Funimation channel on Youtube. Looking back, it was a good, fun series with cool, eccentric characters, over the top fight scenes and a creative, gothic setting. A lot of fans hated the anime only "Gecko ending" but I liked it because A. I never read the manga to begin with (I know, I'm a filthy heathen) and B. I thought Maka dropping the Kishin with a COURGAGE PAAAWNCH! was badass and fit the tone of the series. My favourite character from that anime is probably Death The Kid because his obsession with symmetry is funny and his fighting style is really damn cool (he uses his guns as friggin tonfa for fig's sake).

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Aside from a few a few eps of DBZ on TV my first finished one was Black butler/Kuroshitsuji...
I actually still like it, not much as i did before though.
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I thought I posted on this thread years ago... Turns out that I didn't...

Pokemon Due to having seen so many animes on TV, I can't actually decide on what I'd like to call my "first" anime. There's Keroro Gunsou, The Law of Ueki, Hayate no Gotoku, and probably more that I can't recall. I watched the episodes of these ones so disjointedly. But actually, I first learned anime terms and stuff when I started watching Hayate no Gotoku, so I guess that's my first.

What do I think of it now? It's still great, and I can still have laughs whenever I rewatch some of its episodes. The newer seasons' art has made me think that it was no longer the anime that I really liked, but it still had that comedy stuff going, so it's still all good for me.
Probably either Doraemon or Digimon Adventure (European Spanish dub for Doraemon, European Portuguese dub for Digimon)

Not Cardcaptor Sakura, that's for sure
But that one was also one of my first ones

They're still p rad (Tamers > Adventure tho)


It's hard to remember really.
I used to watch more Tokusatsu stuff, but I think the first animated thing I remember watching was Crayon Shin-chan, either that or Chibi Maruko-chan.
As far as I know, these were the only things that could catch my attention at the time. lol

And what I think of them now? I guess timeless. I still like these pretty much, I mean it's all about childhood and life and I enjoy childhood and life!
Also the nostalgia! Oh my, just by watching the videos of the openings and reading comments people make on the makes me feel like those old people who don't stop thinking about their past.
Well...I'm kinda old and I think a lot about my past in a very nostalgic and melancholic way most of the time.

Fuck, I'm old....

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Very difficult question.

Not knowing the meaning of anime (just considering it as "cartoon"), my first was probably DBZ, because it's the anime that I most remember of my childhood (more than others I remember like Sailor Moon or Saint Seiya). Today, some aspects of my opinion about this anime has changed, but in general the opinion is the same: Masterpiece.

Otherwise, when I knew the meaning of anime (japanese cartoons) I think that my first was Basquash! And I keep the same opinion: great plot, great animation, great characters, unnecessary ecchi (the same unnecessary as 90% of anime with ecchi) and a good but open end.
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Lucky Star. I still like my own anime. Don't know why many don't like it.
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The very first anime I ever watched (without differentiating between anime and cartoons, like in Shiny Ninetales' case) was Pokemon.

The very first anime I watched after I started differentiating was Lucky Star as well, in 2014. I watched half of the first ep because one of my weeb friends was like "hey you should watch lucky star" so I did. I didn't fully watch it until like a year later.

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My first anime was Pokemon. The earlier episodes were clearly the best but Black and White sucked.
Also Serena kissed Ash in XYZ so that whole shipping thing is canon now.
Probably DBZ or Yu-Gi-Oh! Hard to recall exactly which one, but both were pretty influential to me when I was younger.

YGO has its ups and downs looking back on it. The idea of basing an anime on playing a card game like this is kinda weird to me now, but the stakes of things in this show are kind of amazingly ridiculous. So it's an ok show.

DBZ is a classic and always will be. I have a lot of respect for this series, and I'll always have a soft spot for it. However, it has probably the worst pacing I've ever seen in my life. I read the manga for the first time earlier this year and while it was enjoyable, it feels a bit generic. This might be due to it being older and kind of cementing ideas that have become overused in the decades since, so it's hard to judge it fairly these days. It definitely wasn't as great as I remembered it being, but I still like it.
My first:
Pokemon Naruto

My thoughts of it today:

Still my favorite xD

My youtube:
My twitch:
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Forum Graveyard - Anime & Manga - What was your first anime..... And what do you think of it now???

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