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Whats wrong with SMW?
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Is there anything any of you dont like about the original SMW? If there is discuss it here. Mine would be the fact that the bosses are way easy, and they repeat. Ludwig being the only unique one.


SMW is just boring in my opinion. It's just progressing through a level, killing enemies and occasionally finding a secret. The only thing I enjoyed in the whole game was the Blue Yoshi secret areas. Although, since I hack YI and I like the game better than SMW, that might just be because I played YI before SMW. Yoshi's Island has that in your face action most video games today have, and the puzzles are decent and some levels aren't super easy to get 100% on. On the other hand, I love SMW hacks, especially the ones that completely get rid of the traces of SMW, like Azure Chaotic, and create an entirely new game that is both visually attractive and a great game to play.
I don't like SMW. The graphics are odd, the music is boring and repetitive, and the bosses are easy and pretty much the same. Like Blumiere, I like SMW Hacks like SMB3X which completely get rid of the trace of SMW.Free counters!
Funny how the longer I hacked SMW, the less I liked it.

SMW in itself was way too easy in my opinion. You could just use the cape to fly over areas, get lives fairly easily, and it was overall lacking in challenge. The graphics, while not bad, ended up being inferior to 95% of the other SNES games. By the time you start seeing graphics such as DKC's, you wonder if the two games were even for the same system.

As far as music goes, there are still a couple tracks I like, such as the credits theme, but I'm sick to death of just about everything else. Most of it was just a remix of a single theme anyhow, an idea not bad on paper, but one that makes said song even more repetitive. (like Brawl's)
Yeah, SMW was just too easy. The hardest level for me was Butter Bridge 1, and that was pretty easy. The bosses are all the same really, and the level design doesn't change all that much as the game progresses.

Really the only challenge in SMW was the Special World, and as of now, its not so hard for me anymore. Now its just the second and second to last levels there (Tubular, and Outrageous).


I haven't played a hack that I've liked better than the original SMW.

Yeah the difficulty was low. I never played it for challenge. Exploring levels, the overworld, and generally wondering where I'll end up when I take that pipe or use that key.... those were the reasons I played it. I found the world itself to flow perfectly and be very immersive.
I've yet to play a SMW hack that captures the same essence of exploration.

The closest was perhaps brutal mario, but it wasn't for the same reasons. I generally didn't care about exploring the overworld or looking for alternate paths through levels there. I wanted to see what boss I fought next :)

There's two reasons I'll stop playing a SMW hack. For one, a linear overworld will kill all but the best of hacks. Two, tedious levels. Any time I feel I have to use savestates, or find myself wondering when the level will end are huge marks against it.

Quite obviously, no level in SMW was too long or made me feel like saving every 2 seconds (except maybe Tubular). Donut Plains and the Forest of Illusion are still some of the best designed worlds in an overworld I've seen.

SMW is the only game that isn't an RPG that I'd consider one of my favorites. The only flaws I can think of offhand is repetitive bosses and the fact that it's rather short (even including all the extra stages and finding all the secrets).
I still love the game after so long. But my main complaint is the lack of gimmick levels (which through ROMhacks with LevelASM is no longer a problem).

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
You know whats really wierd with SMW? when you play a lot of hacks, and make your own, for about a few months, and play smw, sometimes you notice some bad level design. It always seems to bug me. Smw is pretty fine as programming and gaming goes, its just that sometimes if you play it for a while, you dont feel like it, because the plot is just exactly the same like most mario games. The princess has been kidnapped, all over again. If it was different, it might raise the intrest of players. Also, there was little variety of music, Because sometimes its just the same music over again for 2 levels in a row, making it boring. Also, the bosses should have different abilities for each of them. Some of them are just the same, and thats boring too. making it harder wont make it more exciting.those are most of the things i find boring and bad about it, but for a game, its pretty cool. it takes a long time to make a game. I would say nintendo did a pretty good job on this particular game :)

Finally decided to actully work on a hack. I haven't thought of a name for it yet, and I'm only done 45%.

Although I liked it at first, as I started to play more hacks and other platformers, I started to realize how awful the original SMW really was. It could've used quite a lot more things to make it better, as lots of games for the SNES were far ahead of SMW in several aspects.

Funny that the game that everyone seems to dislike a little bit beat every other in the hurt/heal game...

Anyway, I agree. Easy, easy bosses. Kinda repetitive music (though that is very understandable when you're a hacker). But I liked the later levels as they were harder. I liked finding secrets, even though some are just too obvious. And I know them all now... The secret levels were probably containing the best levels.

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I just Ctrl + F'd through this thread, and the word "easy" has been used 8 times prior to this post.

Anyway, I don't like the fact that you can beat the game by taking super cheap shortcuts. Shortcuts are fine and all, but these ones were ridiculous.
Actully the game was alright for me, It intordudced new enemies and the first appearance of yoshi. Im not saying its bad or really good but its still a classic so that makes it good in my opinion. There were areas I found really hard and Ive had the game sinsce last year on VC. It was just 2 days ago I found every exit and secret one. So if a game takes that long then it definatly was good, I completed SMG in about 3 months ( with mario and luigi) so.....
The whole Star World itself was so poorly designed, in my opinion. Star World 3, for instance, was literally about two screens long (in which you either ran to the right and one, or killed the Lakitu to get the unbearably obvious secret). The levels in this world just felt so .. flawed, and bland compared to the rest of the game.

I don't really have any other complaints aside from that one. The special world was a challenging, fun area, and the rest of the game seemed to play out like this as well.
Super Mario World isn't a bad game, but as I've said before, it's my least favorite of the "Main Series" Mario games. The design just isn't all that great if you ask me, and I didn't like a few of the changes they made like Koopas sliding out of shells, the Reserve Item, and fireballed enemies turning into coins. I abhor time limits as well, but I won't complain about that since SMB, Lost Levels, and SMB3 also used those. Not to mention the game-breaking Cape Feather. And I really don't like Yoshi.

There are a lot of things SMW did well, though, like the mazes and puzzles in Ghost Houses (not the best, but they were good for a start), secret exits and the complexity of the overworld, hidden areas like the Star World (I loved it, actually), and so on. It's good enough for some quick entertainment with Super Mario Advance 2 on my DS.

You know, I noticed something a while ago. I was repeatedly testing some custom music I was composing on a clean SMW ROM on Yoshi's Island 1, so I was playing around in that level a lot. And I noticed something: Doesn't it seem like, with Yoshi's Island 1, Nintendo was trying to shove every new SNES innovation in your face before getting to the stuff from previous Mario games? At the beginning, we see a slope, yeah, those were in SMB3. But enemies sliding down slopes? Then a humongous Banzai Bill, bigger than any sprite the NES could produce. And then a flying ? Block. Never seen that before! Finally, a diagonal pipe before we've seen any regular ones and some dinosaur enemies that take two hits to kill. Oh, and a jumping Piranha Plant. And then we see some normal pipes...but they're multicolored.
Somehow the easiness and poor level design has always appealed to me. It's one of those great couch potato games where you don't have to think or work at it, you just lie there and play mindlessly. This is why I don't enjoy hacks with plots (like SMW 2+3) or puzzles (Keytastrophe) as much as I enjoy hacks like TSRP2, where you can just kind of play without thinking. It's the same reason I don't like many RPG's, they take too much thought. Unlinearity shows great effort put into the design, but it requires great effort in return from the player, and I suck too much to give it :P

^^ All that kind of makes me sound like a lazy unintelligent ass, but I guess I've just never really been a hardcore gamer in the sense that I really focus when I play... :3

Overall, there's nothing wrong with it at all in my eyes. Best mario game in creation I'd say.

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Originally posted by xman0444
Yeah, SMW was just too easy. The hardest level for me was Butter Bridge 1, and that was pretty easy. The bosses are all the same really, and the level design doesn't change all that much as the game progresses.
OMG. Tubular didn't piss you off?
I don't have much to complain about the SMW for me was one of the best games that ever existed, all in it for me was something really cool, something that marked my life like nothing else mark. I am a complete fan of SMW and no hack will take its place as a very nice game, really. I just think that the SMW could be much enjoyed by Nintendo, it has very few resources.
Honestly, I loved the original SMW. I look past all its faults and find a game that I love to play, not to mention the first I ever even owned. I don't think about what it COULD HAVE been, and instead think about just what it CURRENTLY IS. Yes, if you try to compare it to the original ideas, and the fact that it was rushed, it's bad. Yes, if you compare it to hacks of it today, it's pretty bad. But that's just it, most of you are comparing it to now instead of then. But whatever.

That said, I hate Tubular and Butter Bridge 1, though both have gotten easier for me now, since I'm better at SMW, and Cheese Bridge Area's secret exit. That is just the WORST secret exit. Period. Either hope you go high enough to bypass the goal tape's trigger area, or dive under it and hope you don't trigger it when trying to come back up so you don't die. (Ugh.) Ah well. Still a fun game, and a classic.

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