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Introduce yourself here, new members!

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Welcome back: to those who are back from their trip. (Trying to shorten it up) Notably: FP, Honchkrow, grishnax.

Welcome to SMWC, Adrammelech_The_Wroth. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Yes, I was away for 3 days without telling anyone.
Mazon and I were playing a custom "Deal or no Deal" with a user of our site. He almost won a ban, how fun.

(I was "Mr. Banker")

I won't be on for a few days due to something stupid, and even afterwards I have the shiverstar from Kirby 64 remix I'm trying to pull off with ORG Maker so I can insert it into Cave Story.. I found out the whole thing by MEMORY on the piano.. then checked it, but it was fine. Dragging on now, so see you soon!
Your layout has been removed.
I'll go on a vacation for one week (autumn holidays :>)
And I'll be back next tuesday.
Enjoy your holiday Aqualakitu! :)Free counters!
Hey kids, it's me, Blynd.
Maybe you remember me, maybe you don't. Maybe your memories are fond, or maybe you hated me. A lot of extenuating real life circumstances kept me from here, and I've finally come back. I don't have a computer (I'm on an iPod) which contributes to my slow return, and the fact that I will not be hacking SMW until the plot arc of my life is resolved.
But enough, I missed all you guys, and look forward to meeting all you new losers cool guys.

A big hug and a sly nibble on your left ear, Blynd.
Woah, I did not expect to see you here again.

Welcome back!
Hey SNN, I missed you, man.
Hey Blynd.

Welcome back.

I only half remember you.
Welcome back Blynd, even though I don't know you.

Edit: Level up!

Free counters!
Hi blynd.
I think i remember you since i registered. But i forgot you a lot of time ago.
Welcome Back.
i just lurk sometimes
Wow, I barely remember you Blynd, but I remember you nonetheless. Welcome back!
Welcome back Blynd! Happy to meet you again. How's the nowdays?
2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
I have come back after around a year.
I am quite glad to see what has improved here because when i left A friend of mine just implemented mode 7 and it turned out pretty nice actually!
The ASM collection here has risen along with everything else too!!
I'm glad to be back and i will try my best to stay as active as possible again.

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I do OverWorlds,PM me for details!

Hello there! I am metaking.

I love bugs,smw hacking and cats! ^^
<(0_0)> I see you!
I somewhat remember you bond84, though I don't recall you being all that active. Regardless, welcome back.

And welcome to the forums, metaking.
I should have done this 50 posts ago, but whatever. :P

I'm x-treme, known as Neeztendo on FFR. I've lived in Tromso, Norway for 1 year and still suck at norwegian. (Well not that much :P)
I like hacking SMW, playing Stepmania, and doing anything electronical. XP
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Originally posted by devil-treme

Me too.

Other than that, hi and welcome to the site guys.
aran - Graces of Heaven
I'll be leaving for about 10 days tomorrow, until Sunday the 25th. No biggie, just wanted to make that clear in this thread. (Even though it has been in my signature for months.)

Edit: Almost forgot to mention the reason. I'm going on vacation, to Spain. Malgrat de Mar / Santa Susanna. If anyone wants to meet me up... :P. (Unfortunately I don't know any Spanish SMWC users.)
Anyway, I won't visit SMWC during the time. I'll take a nice break from both IRL stuff and SMWC.
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Right. You have been planning this for quite some time now.

All the best. Don't forget to take pictures and show us when you get back.
I have no camera, so I guess I'll have to let that part shoot. :[
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
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