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Introduce yourself here, new members!

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sorry im only in grade 2 please stop teasing me :(

dont make me get snn on u!!!!!
I never introduced myself in the old thread, but I can do it now, why not?

I'm Hadron, a 16 year old hungarian student, who found this place about one and half years ago (probably trough a YouTube video). First I just downloaded the hacks, and sometimes browsed the forums, but I registered only in October 2008. I try hacking Super Mario World since February 2009, and now I'm done with one full hack, The Big Boo's Legion (you can find the download link in my signature). I like doing tool assisted speedruns too, I have lots of on my YouTube channel. In the real life, I like making excursions, being in the nature or with my friends.
I have a low enough post count to warrant this actually being an intro, without joking around.

Well, I come from a place where I wasn't exactly welcomed, but I've decided to ramp up my effort and try to act as professional as I can here. I'm also on IRC a lot, but I don't act as serious there. As for hard facts, my first name's Sam, I make sprite comics, I'm 14 years old and in grade nine at the time of posting this. I'm in the French program at my school, though my first language is English. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My birthday is May 16th.

I've been into retro gaming for as long as I can remember, and I've always preferred older games for everything but the music (though SNES did have some awesome stuff). I especially like the N64, as I grew up with it, and that's a bit of a story in itself. I remember that I was at a car dealership, and they had a small kid's area. In said area, there was a television with a Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64. I played it for what I can assume was hours, and poorly, mind you. I couldn't figure out how to jump until I got my own system and a copy of the game. There are a couple other memorable games I grew up with, such as Kirby 64, Paper Mario, Yoshi's Story, Mario Kart 64, and Mario Party 2.

Anyway, I don't really remember how I found this site, but I believe I came across it through an LP by ProtonJon, as stereotypical as that sounds. I've been lurking since December, and I've already acquainted myself with quite a few people on the site through IRC, but I would certainly like to meet more of you guys.
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Aah, I never introduced myself either. Ok here's the deal.

I'm Mue, formally known as Zzyzzx or even Spiny awhile back (Awhile ago) I've been on smwc for at least 3 months before I registered in last November.

My name can be pronounced as Mue, or Moo. Myuu as well.

I'm really known for SMW2 hacking mostly. I haven't tried to make a real SMW hack, but I've played around in LM for a bit.

I'm also really known in the irc too.


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Well, I'm a person who has no life and enjoys teh computarr. I join fads cuz im a faggot OLOLOLOOL, and I like hacking (bleh, I hate how that sounds.) I'm not a social personnnn but some people get lucky and sometimes I talk to them. I don't care what you say about me or what you do to me, because I don't care. *stands proud above American flag*

I will probably never submit ANYTHING to this site for a while. So I'll be lurking and stalking you peoplez in the forums, even though it's not as active I thought it was. :(

Mario in Mainland will be in the next C3.
Wow, things have changed in just two weeks!

Anyways, due to lack of time, lack of motivation, and devotion to school related ventures, I am currently going on hacking hiatus until I find more spare time. I may be online every once in a while here, but I will keep uploading LPs (though at a much slower pace) and I will still be quite active at the forums in A Gamer's Life. That is all for now.

View my YouTube channel here!
View my website here!
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I will reintroduce myself since I really could use a better intro.

Hello, my name is Derek. On most sites, that is if offical, my username is Superderek. For some reason, I stuck with that name. Moving on...

I came here and visited for awhile long before I actually registered at 2008-05-07 05:07:30 AM. Back then, I wanted to ask a few questions so I could make my hack better. Little did I know that even though I registered to ask a few questions that later I would be addicted to this site.

Now, currently my hack is on hold and who knows when I'll decide to work on it. I have a better chance just redoing all of it again.

Soon after 11-12, my mom's death, I became inspired to write the story which I am currently writing now. It is interesting and hope to make it better in time. I have always had most of it in my mind but yet until then, I had no intention of ever writting it.

Short version: I am here to have fun :)

Off topic: I am also the unoffical greeter :P
Ironically I didn't know of this newer thread until now.

With that said, welcome to SMWC to all those who are new! I hope you have a wonderful experience!

Oh! A new one?
I'm back from my short hacking break, but I really need to fix my internet, and until I do that, I'll be quite inactive.

I'm here for now, though :D
Also, the other thread is gone, so can anyone fill me in on if CK said anything?
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Welcome back, Spud! At least for now. Also, Crystal King came back. He actually wasn't gone that long. :P
Good fucking bye.
Ah yes, I just hunted down his post. Cool stuff.
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Well, might as well make myself known to some of the new users on here. Hello, I'm Adam, a member here on SMW Central that registered in April. While I joined, I was a lurker, trying to grasp the ins and outs of this forum. Now, I'm quite experienced in hacking and can do basic asm, and have grown quite fond of some of the people here. Welcome to SMW Central guys! Have fun, and don't feel shy, most of us are nice and are willing to help you if you have hacking related problems! Good luck!
My name is Spade. If you're a veteran, you might also know me as name128512, or just namenumbers. But I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me that. Some acceptable nicknames are Spayed, Spadingo, Spadamn, Spadongs, Spadinosaur, Spadicks, etc. Also, for the record, I AM NOT A SHOVEL

I'm fairly skilled in graphics and overworld design. I'm not so skilled in the areas of music and ASM.

Also, I've never finished a hack. However, if you're interested, here's the thread for my current hack, The Eggs of Saear.
fuck yeah meowingtons
The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
I never made an introduction? Meh, I'll make one...

My name is Lynnes. A while ago I was know as MichidoEpocha, but it didn't have enough flow, if you ask me. I'm really calm and collected, but when I get made, I rage. Badly. Anyway, I'm 14, male of course, and find myself skilled in hacking. I'm an expert in overworld design and level design, know some asm, make my own graphics, (only if I feel like it) and a bunch of other things. I have no tolerence for cutoffness. That is why there is none in my hacking content. I dare you to find any in my screenshots. Just try...

So yeah, that is I.
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Originally posted by Spud Alpha
Oh! A new one?
I'm back from my short hacking break, but I really need to fix my internet, and until I do that, I'll be quite inactive.

I'm here for now, though :D
Also, the other thread is gone, so can anyone fill me in on if CK said anything?

Welcome back, Spud! I hope you can fix the connection. At least is was a short break unlike mine which seems random sometimes.

Originally posted by Spud Alpha
Oh! A new one?
I'm back from my short hacking break, but I really need to fix my internet, and until I do that, I'll be quite inactive.

I'm here for now, though :D
Also, the other thread is gone, so can anyone fill me in on if CK said anything?

Good to see that you have returned, spud alpha. Well, I hope you get your internet fixed.
Thanks everyone.
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If I recall, there wasn't even an Introduction thread back when I joined before the wipe, and if there was, I never posted in it. Seeing as other more longtime members have posted here, I figure it might as well be a good idea to, since people who may not know me very well will be able to.

I've been a member of SMWC since January of 2007, back before we had a wipe of all posts and threads. For a long time, I remained a relatively active but not particularly noteworthy user. Things changed in May of 2008, when I applied for, and to my surprise, was accepted as a Local Moderator on SMWC. Since then, I have worked for the site, gradually moving up to my current position.

There's a lot of things I enjoy, such as video games, SMW hacks, writing, and some anime. I consider myself a fairly patient person, and one that likes to talk to people. So yeah, that's pretty much me in a nutshell.

As others have said, good to see you've returned, Spud Alpha.
Bonjour, my name is Orbis and I have been here since April 24, 2007 at 07:45:21 p.m. respectively. If any of you were at the old SMWC before the wipe, you might recognize me as Odyssey.

When I found this site, I was interested in my goal of making a SMWC hack of my own. Before I officially registered, I decided to take a peek in some the forums and I became absolutely horrified how moderators and users back then mistreat on people in many ways. I feared if I asked questions regarding Lunar Magic, simple or not, I might ridiculed on my intelligence. Despite all of that, I decided to register. Months have passed after I registered, my interests in hacking slowly faded away. I'm not sure when my interests in hacking might be coming back to me again.

I am sixteen-years old and I live near Los Angeles, California. I am blessed and cursed to live in my county. I can't think of good things about where I live, but our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, I can loving can come up hundreds of things off the top of my head that are just plain bad. A few samples, shall we?
  • Smog and haze
  • Earthquakes
  • Traffic
  • Wildfires
You know what? I don't feel like explaining this.

Drawing is my favorite hobby. I'm quite fairly good at Photoshop, although I'm still a beginner.

I'm also often found at the IRC, my nickname is Pachirisu.

Oh and nice to see you again, Spud Alpha.
Hey Orbis, I really hope to get to know you more!

The last time I saw you, your name was Orbis, so yeah, I kind of know you. I was here around the time you were here, I was originally Zadrave.

Hi! I'm dead!
Well, I'm back from being away for reasons that are my own. Seems like everyone's re-introducing themselves... Meh, I'm too lazy to do it. Welcome back to anyone else who was actually away.
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